Non-JW music teacher talks about

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  • rebelfighter


    I am sure that was one of the lines which earned me the email "Good bye, have a nice life" from the "Elder".

  • steve2

    The best part was the teacher's preparedness to meet with the parents, although the "Bible study" arrangement seemed a bit of an over-commitment. It would have been totally inappropriate for the teacher to have "worked" on the student alone.

    Standing back as an observer, I think the teacher's concern about and interest in the student would raise eyebrows in some quarters. Professionals working with children are often strongly advised to not only act with decorum but to be seen to be doing so. A close interest in a student may be perfectly well motivated, but there are some aspects of this that suggest 'over-involvement' ( my word) and that leaves the teacher vulnerable to rumors and allegations of intent.

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