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  • millie210

    The presenter makes a very strong point when he compares a weak kid on a play-ground to a strong one,

    Who is it that has to be isolated and protected? The weak or the strong?

  • slimboyfat

    I don't know, as much as he makes some good points he does seem a bit peculiar to me. It sounds like he's been trying to de-convert his students from being JWs which is not cool for a teacher. Word seems to have got around JWs that he's an "opposer" and they withdrew en masse from his classes or his band. Sure JWs are wrong to discourage creativity and education. But this situation seems to have been complicated further by this teacher's proactive stance in engaging with JWs. He should stick to encouraging all students to pursue their talents and be very wary of sharing his views with JWs.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    It worried me that he mentioned at the student had become his 'friend'. An adult man with a child 'friend'?

    Keep it professional please. Have heard so many stories of these adults involved in settings that are exclusive to minors and the inappropriate behaviors that may follow.

    Not very trusting here.


  • Giordano

    I have no respect for the JW construct and their foolish point of view re education and extra school activities. The video of a young child wanting to pursue additional skills in his music and being denied was sickening.

    However I found it also troubling that this teacher used deception with the child's family to promote a counter view of their new faith. Would he have done that with an Amish family who traditionally remove their children from school after the eight grade? Or try to counter the views of an orthodox Jewish family?

    According to him he did hours and hours of research on the JW's. I assume he learned their stance on extra school activities as well. I am surprised that he didn't let it be. I am surprised he wasn't fired.

  • Simon
    It worried me that he mentioned at the student had become his 'friend'. An adult man with a child 'friend'?

    Actually, I don't see anything wrong with that - I think kids should have adult friends and know how regular adults are meant to behave. We have lots of kids in our street and I think it's better to chat with them and be approachable than not. If all normal people keep kids at arms length then couldn't that inadvertently put them at greater risk?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Having expressed my distrust of non-JWs, I also do think crushing kids dreams or just plain fun by not providing extra curricular activities is AWFUL!!!


  • DesirousOfChange

    It sounds like he's been trying to de-convert his students from being JWs which is not cool for a teacher.

    While I agree with SFB that a teacher has no justification for singling out JW kids and "de-converting" them. As the JW parent I'd be going to the Board of Education about it. He's putting the Board & District in legal jeopardy.

    However, beyond the legal issue, everything thing he states in the video about the WTS/JWs is right-on. I do question his motivation. Is there something being left unsaid? I noticed that he tosses around JW buzz words quite easily. For example, notice how he refers to "the Society". That is typical only from someone very familiar with JWs. So I question if he has some deeper background than he admits, or a reason for some personal interest (prejudice) in the Cult. Or, do you think he could have picked up the JW lingo just from reading COC and other info?

    Setting aside those issues, his statements are a great expose' of the JWs and their radical ways.


  • rebelfighter

    For 5 years I spoke to the " Elder " many times a day but he rarely spoke of his beliefs beyond we do not celebrate birthdays and holidays and we do not believe in the cross. Then he gave me the booklet on Families which I found out later was to see how I would react. Please note I knew absolutely nothing about the JWS at this point again nothing.

    Many a conversation over the years were about my children's activities in after school programs and their level of service in charity organizations. Also I allowed my children to start making their own decisions once they reached high school with very little input or oversight from mom. My goal was in a couple of years they would be away at college and I would not be there to hold their hands, better to prepare them now for that day.

    So when I read the booklet on Families my first reaction was these kids are totally sheltered, given no exposure to the real world, not allowed to make a single decision --- when the Hell are they allowed to grow up and start to experience the real world, when they have their first job. I also blew a gasket about the way women were described in this book.

    So over the next few months I gently asked so what is the woman's role. Response. Lol, this man knew from conversations that for well over 40 years I have fought some mighty fine fights for women's rights and taken down a lot of men in that path. So each time I asked: they have their role. Quick new subject brought up and we were talking about our kids or grandkids very rapidly extremely good at subject change!

    So I sent him an email with a few of my questions regarding how they raise and educate their children. About two months later I asked if he was going to answer my email. Oh what email is that? The one asking questions about the booklet on Families. Oh I can't seem to find it. I will resend it. A couple months go by. Same thing.

    He told me I needed to read the Book of Acts. Then he answered my email with all this we protect our children from all the evils of the world blah blah blah.

    Then I caught him in a string of lies and called him on them and said you said read Acts it says meet your accuser eye to eye. But you refuse to meet me?

    Every Bible verse I quoted duringour email fight about loving your neighbors, charity work and good deeds provoked him to tell me I did not know how to read the Bible which lead to 20 days of emails full of sermons and Bible verses. Which my best girlfriend who is a high ranking Elder and ordained minister was just rolling her eyes going where is this coming from and what is his point. None of it related to anything we were talking about. He was defending nothing nor answering a single question just off on some tangent somewhere.

    No JW do not like to defend their beliefs.

  • xjwsrock

    I think that while a relationship between a teacher and a student can be inappropriate, I think that is certainly a rare thing. Teachers often have good strong relationships with their best students. Many of these relationships last for many years and progress more into a mentor type connection instead of just another school teacher.

    Also if this student was being groomed for Drum Major then that is a different level of engagement between the band teacher and student. It would be the equivalent of a football coach and his star quarterback. So you can imagine if next year's starting quarterback joined a cult and quit football what the reaction might be from the coach.

    Anyhow, good for him speaking his mind in a controlled intelligent way. I don't know if I will be able to stomach this video if it is being played at the convention.

  • redpilltwice

    Great video, straight to my heart and hopefully that of many others too! This video reminds me of my own lost years in the Borg...feel pissed now!

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