Humourous reactions to beards worn at the kingdom Hall

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  • smiddy

    Confusedandangry I would be interested to know which KH you are referring to and is this something thats gone on recently ? Or was it sometime in the past.

    Why I ask is that I was in Melbourne in the 1960`s and was taken to task for growing a beard and was pressured to take it off .

    Some years later In Qld I tried to grow a beard and i was again pressured to take it off.

    Admittedly this all happened more than 25 years ago and i find it hard to believe the Australian JW`s would have relaxed that ban today.

    PM me if you prefer

  • UnshackleTheChains
    • Finally, for you former elders out there, have you ever had to give a bearded investigator the bad news that his prized beard had to go? How did he respond?
    • I was one of those individuals. It was about 25 years ago. I had a neat trim beard when about 6 months in I was taken to the back of the hall by an elder and tactfully told that brothers don't wear beards. Being young and naive, I thought it was scriptural. So I simply accepted it as full of zeal at the time believing I had the truth.
    • For about 10 years up until the age of the internet, this rule always niggled me as never saw any specific scripture to back up this rule. It wasn't until I read online the truth about the truth. We owe all our thanks to this ridiculous cult like rule to non other than judge Joseph Rutherford.
  • stillin

    Personally, I would look like a slob in a beard, but I grew my mustache out for a while and was informed that I would never get any new "privileges" until it was cut off. I pointed out that Brother Trash Collector, the elder had a mustache, to which they replied that he has always had one, which made it OK.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    • I pointed out that Brother Trash Collector, the elder had a mustache, to which they replied that he has always had one, which made it OK

      Which goes to prove that each hall varies in its micro management of individuals trapped in this captive religion

  • dogon
  • NewYork44M

    I had a 3rd cousin that wore a beard - back in the early 90s. He may still have the beard, but I have lost touch with him.

    The beard was a topic of conversation within the congregation and elders, But he did not have a position and didn't want one, so the elders had no control over him. I think they were just happy to see him attend an occasional meeting.

  • dbq407

    I grew one last year and a sister came up and said, "what is that on your face!" and i asked her if she would say that to Jesus if he was here and she said she would. haha. I didn't shave it until after winter was over, but will grow it again next fall.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Good morning, fellow bearded and non-bearded members of the board.

    On occasion, I will run into old JW friends and greet them by name. The response? "Do we know you?" they ask. "Why, yes!" I respond. "We used to serve Jehovah shoulder to shoulder preaching the Good News."

    With non-JWs, the response would be different, of course.

  • Vidiot

    I was complemented when I grew mine (long before I faded, I might add).

    By an elder's wife, no less.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    This is a message to the Governing Body and all those with clout at Bethel Warwick who may be looking this up on your smartphones.

    If you read this thread, you Will see just how ridiculous and distractive this whole thing is. It's stupid....that's all it is.

    It really is a stupid man made rule. Do you really think that YHWH or his son, the the foretold Messiah,, our Lord and King 'Yeshua' have a problem with a man choosing to have a beard or not?

    It's a manmade rule. A Rutherford rule. Thats it...nothing else.


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