Have you ever considered trying ancestry.com?

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  • LongHairGal


    I did those tests but it didn’t really change my life at this point except to have a greater insight into where I came from with all the movements of people in the past.

    Other people have no clue about anything maybe because they are adopted and they need to know. These tests at least give them something.

    I did 23andMe and got: Italian, Balkan, Iberian and Western Asian. Most people have a little Neanderthal as well, which is interesting.

  • jwfacts

    I have used familytree. I was blown away at how accurate it was. Absolutely spot on for my ancestry, which spans a few countries. My gorgeous son is even more mixed, and the results were spot on for what I know about his mother’s background.

    I also learnt a few things about my background and origin of my name that I was not aware of.

  • rebelfighter


    My family lineage on both biological sides is fairly clear cut. My mother's grandparents were the first to arrive from Germany (LOL, not what we were told). Sorta lost my Italian heritage somehow by doing the DNA. But, the family sure loved their Italian food. My great grandmother's sister also came along for the ride and married a local boy. Both of these women proceeded to populate the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania. I affectionately refer to them and their children as "never not pregnant". The original 2 produced 16 and 18 children. Each of those had no less then 6.

    My biological father was born to an equally large family who consumed the western end of South Carolina. When I got the initial report from Ancestry, my daughter said you can walk up to anyone in these three towns and I am sure they must be your cousin.

    By going through obituaries it was very easy to determine who had moved away as I was born in a city completely away from either of these two locations.

    Not only did my mother do this to me!! This seemed to be a family thing. Her mother did it to her and I have been trying to determine from this monstrous list who her father was. It has to be one of these families that does not fit on "My Mother's Tree" or "My Father's Tree".

  • rebelfighter


    I actually was scared to do the DNA at first. All of the crazy scenarios ran through this brain you know the what if's. I have a sister or brother out there that will get hurt because they did not know their dad was not faithful to "mom". The DNA test sat on the dresser for six months until one night I watched a show where a favorite actor traced his roots back to his roots. I mailed it the next day.

    I have met my one of my half brothers. One has passed. I have been strongly advised not to contact my half sister (drug addict, who is always looking for money). The half brother I met we grew up very close together but both have moved away. Both raised by disfuctional mothers. Yes and our biological father, fathered apparently many children how many "?" well we may never know. LOL.

    There is a striking resemblance between my son and my biological father and my biological grandfather.

    I, also had DNA done for medical reasons and this answered many unanswered questions. I absolutely hated going to the doctors until 6 months ago. I had genetic testing done which explained to the doctors that they had been overdosing me on almost every medication they had prescribed for the first 65 years.

  • flipper

    I did the 23 & Me testing for DNA about 5 years ago and have done Ancestry.com research for over 5 years now. I've gone back over 500 years on my mom's side, in some of her lineage I've gone back 800 to 1,000 years. Gone back about 500 years on my dad's side, but can only get back to old Wales in the mid 1700's on his dad's side, but a lot further on his mom's side to Ireland 500 years. Found English, Scottish, French, Spanish royalty from the 1200's to 1500's on my mom's side and some Irish as well.

    For me the percentages work out 53 % British & Scottish & Irish, 10 % German, 7 % French, 7 % Scandinavian ( Norwegian ) , 2 % Spanish, 1.7 % Balkan, .03 % Native American, .01 % African , .02 East Asian . That's pretty accurate with the research I've done as well.

    How it's changed my life ? Well, I've been able to actually meet in person , talk on the phone, and E-mail new relatives that I never knew existed before. And they're pretty decent people ! People you would want to get to know ! And the research part is fantastic. I've always been interested in history and on the Ancestry website, millions of people all around the world have put history that you get access to use. Really cool information can be learned about relatives hundreds of years ago. It kind of brings them to life at least in your consciousness ! I totally recommend doing ancestry.com. You wont regret it. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • caves

    I was part of a local genealogy society for a couple of years. I didnt to find much. I did confirm however that my grandfather on my dads side was indeed 100% Cherokee and he was 73 when my father was born. My grandmother was 23. Ewww. Talk about an age gap. LOL

    Bio mothers father was Navajo and Cherokee. I called him when I was 19 and he hung up on me because apparently my grandmother on my moms side became a jw and he thought she was crazy because of it and that all her offspring would be screwed up. I think he was right. Sigh

  • BluesBrother

    I used to spend a lot of time tracing my family history. It is an absorbing hobby. NB it gets harder to trace the further back you go . But still a rewarding enterprise and who knows what will find out about your forebears?

    Best of luck.

  • LongHairGal

    I just got an update on 23andMe: They changed some percentages around and added a small amount of Broadly Northwestern European and a small amount of Arabian.

    It’s amazing really.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    When you get your results back and see you are related to someone with only 6.2 cM, centimorgans, it is not futile.

    If your Line is long, you can find them.

    I am on a FB closed Family website and there is a know it all that says, something that small is dismissive. His Line must be short. We are not a DNA match. My Line is from Oyster Bay, NY and his is not.

    I have helped 2 DNA cousins who we matched at the 6.2cM level.

    It was of interest to me that I had a 4th great grandmother 1748-1820 who was granted a divorce from her bigamist husband Uriah in 1798. He was a big landowner in two different states where he had kept two different wives and children. He was only charged $500.00 and granted a divorce. He lived and died 1740-1817, so I am glad she outlived him.

  • pleaseresearch

    It should all lead back to Adam and Eve :)

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