Remember when HITTING A WOMAN was just WRONG!

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  • punkofnice
    punko..., I did not say the chromosomes could be changed.

    TBH. I didn't say that anyone said anything. I didn't mention you or anyone else. I was merely showing something relevant to the current thread and interesting.

    “Men have the remnant of an undeveloped female reproductive organ that hangs off the prostrate gland for the same reason.”

    It doesn't change a single thing. We're still either male or female despite what we want to think.

    We have the remnants of a tail bone but it doesn't mean we can be trans-chimp. Although, I would like to peel bananas with my feet, I can't do it, even if I identify as a chimp. I think it's chimp-phobic!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi Disillusioned JW - sex chromosomes matter, ok.

    If they didn't, then XY people could get pregnant and have children. They can't, of course.

    And that's why have have two sexes - f**king and having kids.

    I still think you're downplaying the importance and role of chromosomes.

    Down's Syndrome people are the way they are because of the number of chromosomes they have, right?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I know some women are XXY and some scientific sources that some of them are fertile - this is all very well but these people are statistical outliers. They are well outside the average.

    And in science, averages are very important. If an alien from outer space came to Earth and asked us about men and women, we'd say that women have XX chromosomes and get pregnant, because that's how the average woman is. We'd also say that men have a penis and testicles and produce viable sperm because that's what the average man is like.

    I think you're doing two things: you're downplaying the importance of sex chromosomes, plus you're being a bit dishonest with statistics in that you are attaching too much importance to statistical outliers.

    'The phenotype comes from the genotype' - my former plant science lecturer, Dr Ianis Matsoukas.

  • punkofnice

    On a slightly different tack, I have only known 1 trans person who used to be called Andy. Nice person. Played in a band I was in.

    My only disappointment was that the name now chosen for the female incarnation. It's a bit 'historic' and obsolete. Well, whatever makes you happy.

    This person doesn't meet other trans people at a meeting house or anything. So I'm not sure why it's called a 'community', I haven't seen flocks of trans people in a gang or anything.

    Of course, now you get those weak minded student types that pretend to be trans just to fit in with the new woke religion. They'll regret not being themselves, just like I regret being a bloody Jobo for 50 years.

    I get the feeling mush of this is being blown out of proportion by a gullible bunch of young twits virtue signalling how hip and right on they are.

    As for the athletes. Give me strength. You know, the Nazi party put a bloke into the games as a woman so they could win. It's all over tripe. Now go away, please, I'm trying to sleep.

  • pistolpete

    Here is a Review of the mma fight. The reviewer makes a good point. The Girl is younger, she has more experience and skill than the "man," she is also taller by 5 inches.

    But the transgender woman WALKS RIGHT THROUGH THE PUNCHES like nothing.

    That's because regardless of the change, the Transgender still has the skeletal frame and muscle fiber of a born man that allows him to take a female punch like it was nothing and throw a more powerful punch than ANY WOMAN EVER COULD, NO MATTER HOW SKILLED

    "The face of the transfighter has basically “skeletal armor” in this fight (because the skeletal structure of that skull would be denser for example) so it will take more damage than a normal female’s face"

  • punkofnice
    LUHE - I know some women are XXY and some scientific sources that some of them are fertile - this is all very well but these people are statistical outliers. They are well outside the average.

    Firstly, I thought that was an airport in Toronto. (Although I love Rush, I don't like their instrumental of the same name, it's a racket).

    The 'outliers' seem to be used as the norm, which is disingenuous. I only know of 1 trans person in this massive city...and I get about a bit. Formerly Andy, now with the silly name, doesn't crow on about these non existent, imaginary issues like the hypocritical 'twitter' mob that only do it to stir up division.

    Anyway, looks like this thread has come to a natural end and will slip down the ranks into obscurity.

  • GrreatTeacher

    It's "Anastasia," isn't it?

    Could've just gone from Andy to Angie. . .

  • punkofnice
    GT - It's "Anastasia," isn't it?

    Sadly not. That would have been better.

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