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  • slimboyfat

    Initially anyone who was anointed after 1935 was explained as being a “replacement” for pre-1935 anointed who had left the truth, but they have long since abandoned that expanation. There is no official cut off for anointed any more, but in practice any younger person outside of the GB, and GB hopefuls (Paul Gillies still hopeful, or losing hope?) who partakes is viewed with suspicion.

  • jookbeard

    another doctrine I vocally disagreed with that found me on a judicial committee charged with apostasy which they will eventually agree with my original objection, and to think I was the apostate!

  • dozy

    The article does seem to reaffirm the 144K figure , which the Society had gone quiet on for a few years and many , both inside and outside the Org thought would be ditched.

    Would it not make sense for the Society simply to stop publishing the number of partakers , especially now the Yearbook is no longer published? The argument in the past was always that the reducing number of partakers was proof that the end was near , but now the numbers are increasing year on year. Soon it will get to 30,000 or 40,000. What happens then?

    The Societies view is that most of those who partake are either emotionally confused or completely deluded , and the FADS now applies to the GB , so continuing to publish the figure would appear to be rather meaningless.

  • Vanderhoven7

    As soon as it reaches 145,000 the jig is up.

  • blondie

    Vanderhoven7, I wish that were true.

    As soon as it reaches 145,000 the jig is up.

    The WTS benefits that the number of anointed from 33 CE until the WTS started counting, was not revealed in the scriptures. But the WTS has a dance around for that.

    True anointed

    Genuine anointed

    A subjective term since only the individual supposedly knows if they are genuine or true anointed.

  • steve2

    Damn dates keep receding into the past so new light needed....

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Vanderhoven7 11 hours ago

    ''As soon as it reaches 145,000 the jig is up''


    Just devise some more new-light with some lame-ass, sorry excuse in an attempt to sell to the rank and file.

    Because after all, you know how steeped the average dub is in it all. They will believe anything GB tells them. That's just how conditioned they all are.

  • Brighton

    All the data they keep and publish - partakers, hours in the ministry, bible studies, etc is part of how they resist the scripture that says "No one knows the day or the hour..." - they use these - especially the partakers as a way to gage where they are in the stream of time. If they just let that go and focused on being good people and actually applying some of the spiritual principals - they would be much better off.

    Of course, this means they would have no control over anyone - which is why they will probably never do it. And, that in and of itself is part of why they are appropriately catagorized a high control group - aka cult.


  • minimus

    The logical answer is that the number is SYMBOLIC! That way they can say sure there is a great crowd who will live on earth and some will be in heaven. Since 144000 is a relatively small number compared to billions, MOST would not be going to heaven to rule , the majority would be a great crowd of people who will live in paradise and play with lions... presto! End of issue.

  • Diogenesister

    In order to be part of “ This generation” they must have been baptised before 1992 when Fred Franz died due to the overlapping generation doctrine ( ok there may be some random sister still alive after that date, but since Fred was 99 it’s unlikely she lived much longer. It would have been a “she” since they are the only ones unimportant enough to be anointed, a pioneer for 50 plus years etc AND part of “This Generation” AND YET no one knows about them🤨)

    Anyway I believe Cook is the first GB member definitely NOT of “ this generation” since he only decided he was anointed around 11 years ago.

    The problem is not running out of anointed per sa, but running out of anointed who are of “This Generation ”. When that happens - and Armageddon doesn’t turn up - that is when the gig is really up !

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