Is the Mid Week Meeting shorter or longer than before they stopped doing the book study at homes?

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  • freddo


    Typical meeting programme:

    Pathetic Song

    Same old help us listen prayer

    "Treasures from God's word" comprising:

    10 minute talk about how Jehovah loves us but we will probably die if he has a hissy fit.

    "Digging for Spiritual gems"

    8 minute Q&A except the Questions and source material are printed so you can parrot the answers.

    Bible Reading (4 mins)

    Where some stuttering fool or ex-elder (also often a stuttering fool) with a penis reads from "God's Word".

    "Apply Yourself to the Ministry" meeting

    Initial call (2 mins) Hi buddy - do you think God cares about us - no.

    Return Visit (4 mins) Hi buddy, I called yesterday afternoon and we discussed how God will wipe out wickedness. Did we? Oh right let me know more (eye roll).

    Bible Study (6 mins) Here look at this stupefying skit on my tablet. Oh how wunnerful! Blah jwdotorg blah see you next week.

    "Living as Christians Meeting"

    Crappy dirge of a song

    (15 minutes) crappy video trumpeting organisation and reminding of donation opportunity. If local needs then leave your willy alone and don't wank to porn like red faced brother we haven't named but who you all know who we're talking about because of the Public Reproof from last month or the elder that blabbed and now you all know anyway.

    If upcoming Convention then reminders not to save seats, wear tight trousers, knock over granny on her zimmer (walker) frame and follow attendants instructions. Oh and use our hotels so we get free luxury en-suite rooms with 100 TV channels and drinks gratis.

    Congregation "Bible" Study (30 mins)

    Kingdom Rules Book "How we worship the Governing Body but don't really and how our prophecies weren't prophecies but always nearly came right despite millions now dead who thought they would be alive rubbish crap lies including new light."

    Boring Review of crap just heard plus Preview of next week's crap (3 minutes)

    Dirge to guilt trip us and remind us how wunnerful the GB are.

    Closing prayer about how we serve shoulder to shoulder as we serve soooooooooo deeeeeeep in the time of the end awaiting your grand promises.

    Run for door before keen Secretary asks about your blood card being signed.

  • waton

    wow! to add, brothers now do sit down conversations too, like sisters, funny without the skirts. No more stand up talks for up and coming young males , no need to train them, clicking on tablets is all that is required to serve. .

  • wannaexit

    It's so boring that it feels like an eternity. It starts at 7 and ends at 9

  • eyeuse2badub

    I quit going since they dumbed down the meeting. Mid week meeting is so pathetic that it's an insult to seasoned jw's. The video portion is especially grating to me.

    just saying!

  • Incognito

    When we were attending prior to bookstudy being tacked on, the Min School/Service meeting was officially to be 1.5 hours.

    From comments above, the combined time now appears to be 1:75 - 2 hours.

    Growing up in this 'religion', Min School/Service meeting was originally 2 hours duration but due to those that take more than their allotted time and for those giving loooooong closing prayers, by the time Ahmen was said, it was often 2.25 + hours. With a 7:30 start time, it was typically well after 10pm before we departed for home on a school night.

  • dbq407

    It is really horrendous to sit thru. Seems like it lasts forever and the brainwashing is getting worse every time i go (which is about once a month)

  • freddo


    No they are the same length.

    The old school and service meeting was 1 and 3/4 hrs when you included the three songs and two prayers.

    So is the CLAM meeting but it just feels like it goes on forever.

  • Incognito


    Then we were misinformed. Our Elders had striven to finish within 1hr 30 - 1hr 35 on a usual basis. Lucky us, unless the final prayer turned into another talk.

  • Landy

    Lol @ Freddo

    thanks - it sounds totally different from what it used to be like when I went. I didn't think it was possible to make it worse but it sounds as though they've had a bloody good go.

  • westiebilly11

    Sounds like it's all been dumbed down. So much for nourishing spiritual food at the proper time. In years past it used to be quite a heavy substantial meeting with various talks and at least a spark of initiative. Really does sound like the meeting is banal nowadays...

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