Covid Vx likened to Jesus ransom

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  • LV101

    Sea Breeze

    @LV101 Do you have a source for this? I think I read on an email from one of my subscriptions -- most likely one from Substack. I will try to find but really busy next few days w/Thanksgiving. The only other place I would have read about religions being compensated would have been on a Telegram channel.

    If you go on substack and type in subject matter maybe something will surface.

    Data Dog may have info about or Was A New Boy. I think the info was posted on this site by someone several mos ago but I did pick up from another source. It may have been under Cofty's post entitled, 'Excess Deaths' but not sure. There's been so many topics before the 'Excess Deaths' one. If I run it down I'll yell out.

  • Bribie

    Anti - vaxxers are just like people who refuse to put faith in Jesus. Well that would have to be one of the most absurd comments I have ever heard. The GB are not health professionals and they certainly do not have the training and experience of those who have thoroughly researched safe alternatives. For example natural therapists and herbalists who have practiced for decades know about safe and effective treatments.

    As Samuel Herd said it is a personal choice as to what kind of health treatment each of us wants to pursue. That to me is the bottom line. With the 100,000’s of people who have succumbed to many serious side effects due to taking these vax shots my view is to practice extreme caution when it comes to protecting one’s health.

  • jehovaxx

    Yes use extreme caution when listening to any direction from the GB.

    Tony said that the false religion was telling its people not to take the vax but Jehovah is telling you it is safe, how glad we are that Jehovah is working with big pharma to bring us these safe and effective vaccines.

    The only trouble is To y they are not safe and effective which proves you lot were seriously wrong.

    it’s now confirmed that the shots they presented for trails were different from the substances that were shot into billions of people. But of course Jehovah knows this and he says it’s like Jesus ransom

  • Bribie

    Apparently the Amish in Pennsylvania refused the shots and are so much healthier for that decision. Are they smarter than JW’s?

  • jehovaxx

    Yes the Amish refuse all vaccines period. Yes they are healthier and have much stronger immune systems.

    Andrew (Cobra) Tate just did another interview with that Morgan fellow, about half an hour in Tate makes some great points about the vaccines

  • LV101

    Covid Vx likened to the kill life Watchtower -- in more ways than one.

    Can't wait to watch video, Jehovaxx.

  • Nikolaus

    The comment at the meeting has the same nature as those of the anti-vaxers in this thread.

    And concerning the Amish cf.

  • ElderBerry

    When you say antivaxers do you mean those sensible people who were not convinced this new experimental covid injection was safe for humans?

    Until they could be convinced it was safe they chose not to have any injected into them.

    If that is who you were referring to then yes I am one of them but I do not consider myself an anti- vaxer. If I can be convinced this new experimental shot is safe for humans I would take it. Unfortunately the more time goes on the more excess deaths show it is definitely not safe for humans. It should be withdrawn immediately.

    I am not an anti vaxer, I agree with the principle of a vaccine to introduce a tiny amount of the virus for the body to build a defence. The covid injection is not a vaccine, even though they tried to change the definition of what a vaccine is.

    Covid19 has still not ever been purified and isolated.

  • KerryKing

    @punkofnice I fully agree with you 😅 my parents weren't at that meeting I learnt afterwards, dad's an elder, and I told them about the talk. They were apologetic, reminded me that the speaker was from another cong, and that a few of their elders are not vxed so at least in their cong it's not being pushed. I, however, find it somehow worse that none of them stood up and corrected the public speaker!!

  • jehovaxx

    King how could a few elders be fully unvaxed and still be elders? There was a letter saying their qualifications as elders would be called into question with the CO?

    Also did they lie when they went to Kingdom ministry school last year? All elders were asked and had to confirm they were fully vaccinated!

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