Were You Afraid of The DEMONS???

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  • minimus

    Some people believed that nearly everything or virtually anything could get you in contact with the demons. If you heard voices, you were automatically demonized. No consideration was ever given toward mental illness or improper medication. If you watched "Bewitched" on tv, you were contacting the demons. If you said "Good luck", you wereassociating with the demons.....No wonder so many Witnesses are crackpots!

  • minimus

    It's good to see that you guys are no longer afraid of the DEMONS...........

  • HoChiMin

    I just had a girl friend tell me I'm like the devil, does that count? Oh! by the way, she was smiling when she said it.


  • minimus

    Knowing you, Ho, you are more like all the demons that Satan the Devil has. You are one evil bastard.

  • Perry

    Around age 12 I used to run around the house and mumble in a "foreign language" and play "basketball". Some would call this sleep walking. Now I know it was just a very mild case of deemon posession.

  • Lutece

    Yeah, especially when hearing other's stories and watching scary movies and stuff. I"m not afraid of any kinds of spirits anymore, what a waste of energy it was.

  • minimus

    Playing basketball is truly a form of demonism. Sleepwalking is being under a hypnotic spell.

  • darkuncle29

    I used to speak German in my sleep. Whole conversations I'm told. I slept on the top bunk and my brother would either hit me with his pillow to wake me up or he'd go get our parents. I remember one time waking up with the words still in my mind and my parents looking at me with big bugged out eyes.

    Yes, while in the BORG I was afraid of demons.

    I still avoid OuiJa boards as I think they are an unsafe form of channeling.

    I am currently studying OBE and projection techniques. The primary issue that all OBErs face is fear. If you have a strong fear of something you can expect to see it. So, if you don't believe in them...

  • shamus

    Ppppphht... a little, but not much.

    We had these two "fleshly" brothers that always had these dammed demon stories.. that were utter bunk. We ended up telling them to shut the hell up b/c they were just so stupid! We all got pissed at them... them and they're stories of the band "Skinny Puppy" and how Trent Reznor was a devil worshiper, or whatever the hell they made up. (sooo stupid! )

    They told me that I should throw out he CD, and I basically told them to go to hell. I always hated those demon stories.. just utter bunk.

  • smack

    no, only afraid of people that believe in DEMONS


    Tasmanian Overbeer (and sensible person)

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