Were You Afraid of The DEMONS???

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  • Enishi

    I do think that there are hostile non-organic entities. After all, if you believe that consciousness survives death, then its not that big of a stretch to believe that evil people live on as evil spirits. However, based on what I've researched about the occult, most evil spirits have relatively little contact with humans. Even some of the non-human negs that can cause harm aren't necessarily evil in the sense the WTS thinks they are. They're no more evil than oh, say, an aggresive spider.

  • imallgrowedup

    Hi LL!

    OMG! Up until the very last line of your post, I thought you were putting on a joke like the one about the old lady who thought this guy was her long-lost son, and he kept trying to get away from her and she wouldn't let him, so when he finally did get away, she started chasing him and when she caught up to him she got ahold of his leg and started pulling on it just like you were pulling ours!

    But you weren't.

    What a scary story! I believe that demons exist, I've just never talked to anyone who has a story like that! I'm telling you, if my step-mom's entry-hall table had taken off like your bed did - without me on top of it - it would be curtain time for me. Come view me in my casket. How did you function after that? I would have been a total basket case! (no pun intended!)

    I'm sorry you had to go through that! Scary!


  • lovinlife

    Hi growed up! After that happened, I was terrified to go to bed, never lost the fear of what was under my bed for the rest of my childhood. I still would look under the bed when I was 17! Of course, I also had those nightmares like I mentioned in the other post about demons/dreams. But after I left the dubs I read everything I could about the supernatural stuff and formulated some opinions and eventually stopped being in fear like the dubs totally instilled.

    You can only imagine what it felt like to be in that kind of terror!

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