Were You Afraid of The DEMONS???

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  • minimus

    Most Witnesses believe Satan and his demons are looking at them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Were you one of those? How did you handle stories of demons, witchcraft, etc.???

  • blondie

    Nope, I did live with a demon, some people thought he was my father.


  • ChimChim

    I was too young to understand


  • minimus

    My mother always told me frowing up that I should be careful because the demons are watching me. I think I was intrigued by that.

  • Sassy

    I remember being told (and it never left me) that Satan hates JWs first and he hates exJWs second. I remember thinking that really scared me not to leave.. afraid to lose protection. (part of my holy spirit thread)


    I had a friend who would come and stay with me sometimes and we shared a hotel room once where she had nightmares. She would be screaming and moaning like a sound that would make your skin crawl and the hair stand up from your skin. She used to try to blame me for them. First it was the hotel room. She told me they must have had problems with demons there. Then when she still had them when visiting me, she said it must have been me. A long while afteward, she told me that it must be the fact that I was storing some things for SimpleSally in my house and that because she felt she was apostate, it must be that her things, gave us demons.. I thought she was ridiculous. If I had demon problems, why was it only she that had the problems? So I felt bad for her, but ignored her when she implored I get rid of them.. Glad I didn't for Sally wanted them back about 6 months later. I think that woman still has those dreams.. and I still don't. not demon dreams. She's professing to be a JW and I do not.... Those dreams were scary though.. she would freak me out.. I'd be saying Jehovah's name out loud trying to make it all go away..


  • minimus

    Out of all the BILLIONS of people on earth, the demons go after Jehovah's Witnesses because they already have the rest of the "world".

  • heathen

    I think I was more scared of demons after watching some horror flicks like amnityville horror when I was a youngster but the JW tried to demonize so much stuff I could see how growing up in the org. could cause some anxiety toward this phenomena . It's like everything is either something the WT says is ok or it's from satan the devil . I still do believe in evil spirits because it's not just the WT that says they exist but the bible and many people claim to see these spirits .

  • Carmel

    That's one of the JUU falacious doctrins that I never swallowed. Still amazes me that people fall into the coersion trap of the "bad god".


  • imallgrowedup

    I was MORE than afraid of the demons! But, when it comes right down to it, it was the Demons who saved me from the "troof"!

    My mother and step-father are witnesses and have been for about 40 years, but by the sheer grace of God, I lived with my father and step-mother who were ... shall I say ... Anti-Witnesses! My biological parents divorced while my mom was studying, (she didn't get baptised until the divorce was final, then married shortly thereafter.) Anyway, my brother and I visited my mom every other weekend, and for a month in the summer, and everytime we visited, we were forced to go to meetings and out in the service. In the summer, we went to book studies and to Thursday meetings (theocratic ministry school? can't remember what it's called). I even managed to squeeze in a couple of conventions - they were just so much fun!

    But when I was about 8 or 9, one day my mother was visiting with the sister who recruited her, and they got to talking about demons. The particular discussion revolved around some other sister that had been trying to contact her dead husband, and how after becoming a witness she would throw away the books that showed her how to "do" that, but how she would find them all strewn across her lawn and on her porch the next morning! Apparently, the sister ended up burning the books to get rid of them. The topic then moved on to a different Witness family who attributed the mysterious opening and closing of the shutters on the outside of their house to demon activity. Needless to say, this fascinated and frightened me all at the same time. It was obvious my mother and the sister didn't realize I was listening, so when I started asking questions, they would kind of "evade" the topic. Finally, my mother told me she would tell me about it, as long as I promised not to tell my dad, because she knew it would make him mad. So she answered all my childlike questions.

    Q: "Can you see demons?"

    A: "No. They are invisible like Jehovah. They work for Satan the Devil, just like the angels work for Jehovah. They are evil and you want to stay away from anything that would cause them to come into your life."

    Q: "Come into my life? How could they do that?

    A: "By getting involved in things of Satan, such as Ouija boards or witchcraft or seances." (I had no clue what Ouija boards and seances were!) "If you got involved in these things, you could be inviting them in."

    Q: "Well, if they came in my life, where would they live?" (8-year olds ask such practical questions!)

    A: "Anywhere. Mostly in things that once belonged to other people."

    Q: (Uh oh, I thought. My step-mother collected antiques.) "You mean like in furniture?"

    A: "Yes, they can live in furniture."

    Q: "Like antique furniture?"

    A: "Yes, they can live in antique furniture. Especially because the furniture is old, and it could have been owned by more than one person."

    Q: (In a hopeful tone) "Well, if the furniture is so old, wouldn't the demons be dead?"

    A: "No. Demons don't die. They will at the end of this system of things, but until then, they don't die."

    OMG, I thought! I am SO unfortunate to live in a house with antique furniture! I live in a house with d-d-d-d-demons!!!

    So, when I got back to my dad's, sure enough, while we were visiting my mother, my step-mother purchased an antique table, and it was sitting prominently in the entry hall! My eyes popped out of my head! DEMONS!!!!! I was so afraid of that dang table I would walk along the opposite wall it was on, trying hard to squeeze myself into the very plaster of the wall in order to stay as far away from it as possible. I didn't want to disturb the demons who might be sleeping. If they woke up, they could do scary things to me! Sometimes I would even go so far as to tip toe around that table. I did this for about two weeks, and finally one night, after a frightful nightmare that woke up the whole house and sent my father and step-mother running into my bedroom, they confronted me. What was my problem? Why was I acting so strangely, and why was I having so many nightmares?

    Not wanting to tell on my mom, I said what I thought would get them to stop asking. "My mom told me not to tell you."


    Of course, this just made them push more, and I finally spilled the beans. They were incensed with anger! "Those kids go to their mother's house and get an earful of garbage, then come home and WE have to find a way to deprogram them! We can not continue to have the kids traumatized in this way anymore!" So they placed a call to my mother and step-dad. Emergency meeting. Tonight. Don't care what else you have planned. Leave your knives and guns at home.

    Let's just say that it was not a pleasant meeting. However, it was mutually decided that my brother and I were no longer required to do anything regarding JW's. If we chose to do so, then fine. But they were never to require us to participate again.

    WHEW!!!!! I lost 10 pounds of terra firma right then and there! No more meetings, no more service, no more conventions, and no more weight of the world on my shoulders! YIPPEE!!!! Being the little people pleaser that I was, I still continued to go on occasion, but my brother had talons of steel and held his ground. I don't think he ever attended a meeting or anything after that, but at least, we escaped any major brainwashing!

    At any rate, the demons scared the doodie right out of me, but in the long run, they saved me from a worse fate - being forcefully subjected to the WT! I suppose I ought to thank them, but then, I wouldn't want to invite them in!

    imallgrowedup (of the "im all tuckered out from writing this post" class!)

  • rocketman

    Nope. Always knew I could kick their ass.

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