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  • sf

    I feel like I did when I first read Ray's book Crisis of Conscience"; like I was punched deep in the gut and can't catch my breath.

    I took someones suggestion here to call the:

    Charitable Planning Office
    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania
    100 Watchtower Drive
    Patterson, New York 12563-9204, U.S.A.
    TELEPONE: (845-306-0707)
    FAX: (845-306-0709)

    ...in which I requested the a packet I was told they will send out to you if requested. Well, I received it today. And I have not felt this much rage in quite some time. Thankfully thru a great support network built up over the last year, I was able to "cap" it good. (Thx friends, and you know who you were at that moment I was in sheer shock.)

    First, I had to get online at yahoo to know if I needed support, that it would be right there. Oh mannnnnnnnnn!! This "charitable planning" is the most outrageous "ARRANGEMENT" that has got to be out of that korrupt kult!! I could not believe what I was reading. The "CONDITIONAL DONATION ARRAGEMENT" has got to be THE biggest load of krap I've seen in my three years of researching this rot. I am just sorry I don't have the means of getting this scanned up on the net. The booklet itself "Charitable Planning...to benefit kingdom service worldwide" (bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to benefit WHO???????). That's right, it's entirely laced with "give us your money, assets, deeds, property...(DONATIONS) to us BEFORE you die!!" WHAT???????

    Does it seems as if they reallt believe Armageddon is coming anytime soon???

    Has anyone else seen this booklet????????????? Why the hell isnt this up on the net??????????? And these three letters enclosed...one being the "sample copy" of the "arrangement". Here, i'll bare the pain and type out the two most stunning paragraphs that fueled the rage. First one is on the "info re: conditional donation arrangement":

    "If you desire to make a donation to the society under the terms of the CONDITIONAL DONATION ARRAGEMENT enclosed, (next para) you may 1)send your check or bank draft to this office payable to the WTBTS of NY, Inc. 2)Inform us in a letter that the funds are for a "CDA" and DESTROY the enclosed "SAMPLE COPY" of the "CDA" form. 3) Name all c0-donors, if any, providing us with their complete addresses."

    "SAMPLE COPY" of "cda":

    "...(hereinafter called FUNDS) to be held for the use and benefit of the WTBTS of PA (WATCH TOWER) for the purposes of advancing the work of JW's of preaching the good news about jehovahs kingdom according to the judgement and sole discretion of the SOCIETY. The intial voluntary conditional donation is accepted from the following:..."

    These two paragraphs alone have stunned me! Alan, what is this exactly and why hasnt it been brought up in depth before? Or has it and I missed it? I mean, in depth!!

    sKally (getting very restless klass)

  • VeniceIT

    Hi ya babe, heard you had a rough time of it, sorry I wasn't around for ya today!!!

    Did you hear that's the WTS is sending 5 brothers to college to become lawyers to handle the planned giving and estates!!! Sorry but I thought I'd mention that.

    Patience is a Virture!!!

  • unclebruce

    G'day scally,

    just passing through and wanna thankyou for your investigative work. (forgot to thank-you for the mr.bigglesworth clue - isn't that kat a funny bugger! :)

    I'm saddened that the sick crap you've uncovered freaks you out but it's great you're an action woman. Thanks for this post - The "Conditional Donation Arrangement" ... excuse me while I chuck - they just get slicker and sicker. Millions now living will remmember us in their wills.

    cheers unc.

  • sf

    Bwahhhhhhhhhhhh Unc!: "Millions now living will remmember us in their wills." ROFLOLOLOL Thx!! I needed that. And Venice, you were there, you just were there in spirit. I thought of you the moment I say the envelope sticking out of the box. It is just incredible. It's like a freakin' life policy!! I still am looking at it right now...what a joke!

    I'm thinking Mr. Bowen has seen this too? And Dateline? If not, give me Datelines number please. I am emailing several news outlets, as i did re: the three yrold kids who were approached by those nitwits. "I WILL NOT LAY DOWN, I WILL NOT GO QUITELY"...but i will be patient Venice...only for you! Thanks for all you do as one of my support pillars doll...i love you dearly.

    sKally (violent vomitting klass)

  • FreePeace

    Hey sKally,

    I have seen the package, I even have it. And what is more, I have a certifcate to show that I completed the WTS's day long seminar on Charitable giving. It was 2 years ago last December in Orlando, Florida, and I was a stock broker at the time. It was about 1 month before I left the bORG.

    I really don't remember a hell of a lot about it. I had the bORG mindset at the time as well. I know we talked a lot about Charitable Remainder Trusts and the like.

    It is a bunch of BS. I was always uncomfortable with the manner that the WTS asked for money, estates, property etc., not only in the WT, but especially at this seminar.


    "The World is my country, and to do good, my religion." --Thomas Paine

    My webpage: http://www.geocities.com/freepeace2000/Truthquest/TruthQuestx.html

  • expatbrit

    Tucked away in the WB&TS of Britain's 2000 financials is a little note under creditors detailing the amount of conditional donations. It reads as follows:

    Provision for repayment of conditional donations UKP492,560

    The trustees have for a number of years, on the basis of experience, considered adequate a provision for 50% of the total balances of conditional donations which amounted to UKP985,120

    This is approximately US$1,500,000 in conditional donations for Great Britain alone (120,000 publishers).


  • slipnslidemaster

    Aren't they supposed to send those brothers in pairs??

    Anyway, I guess that they are sending 5 brothers because they figure that they will lose 4 of them to the worldly thinking? Or are they going to still live at Bethel so that they can be deprogrammed every day?

    Wasn't Covington a lawyer?

    Slipnslidemaster: Doin' the humpty hump...just doin' the humpty hump...

  • Osarsif
    The booklet itself "Charitable Planning...to benefit kingdom service worldwide" [...] Has anyone else seen this booklet????????????? Why the hell isnt this up on the net???????????

    * http://watchtower.observer.org/apps/pbcs.dll/artikkel?Avis=WO&Dato=20010420&Kategori=JWANDSOCIETY9&Lopenr=420001&Ref=AR

  • Seeker

    Hi Scally,

    I'm very familiar with this CDA business, and it's fairly common knowledge. What I'm not sure about is why it struck you this hard? Yes, we all know what we think of the WTS, but JWs think of it as their religion, and people in all religions like to donate money to their favorite cause. It provides tax benefits to them, and helps the religion. All religions have this, and this booklet is a way of explaining the legal steps involved to do things by the book.

    Why is this shocking? We all know JWs will want to send money to the WTS -- it's their financial foundation, after all. So why is this news? Would you expect the WTS to tell the publishers, 'No, don't send us anything'?

    Just genuinely curious.

  • outnfree

    Thanks, osarsif,

    for the link,

    and to Kent for scanning and posting the entire brochure!!!

    (who also loved UncleBruce's quip! Masterful!)

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