Oops, I did it again! Flag placed in the KH: Chile 2016

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  • darkspilver

    Hi joe134cd!

    The law also requires military service in times of war. Are we just following a formality because Ceasars

    yeah, it's a very slippery slope.....

    Interesting that Chile isn't like a 'small' country for JWs

    It has 75,000 publishers, a ratio of 1-in-236 - I really do wonder what the rank and file think about it.

    It would be fascinating what the JWs would do if a country like France introduced a similiar law - and let's face, that could happen.....

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Peru also has the same law. But it is not as followed. Almost everyone from Chile will tell you that the KH's put the flag, but not many from Peru. But some KH's in Peru do put the flag.

  • joe134cd

    I really do wonder what the rank and file think about it.

    I actually took 2 Chilean witnesses to task over this issue.

    (1) An ultra dub pioneer sister at first was unaware of it and denied it. When I pushed the issue a little further, and showed her proof she then blocked me.

    (2) A brother and although currently active would probably go more for social reasons. He Admitted that it dose go on, but not to often. Didn't seem to fazed by it when I pushed the matter further.

    I sort of got the impression from these 2 replies that perhaps this flag thing isn't that wide spread and that the majority choose to pay the fine.

  • Mandrake

    Hello everyone!

    yes, our law here in Chile demands that the flag should be displayed the days 18 and 19th september, our national and military's day respectively...

    I started in a low income area congregation as a child, and we always displayed the flag, this year I went on september 19th to check for the flag in my mom's last congregation's hall that is in a upper middle class neighbourhood, and to my disappointment it were no flag!

    I did not continue in the search of flags because I had to meet my girlfriend to continue celebrating with more BBQ, pebre, empanadas and terremoto drink!!!

    I believe more upper class congregations are more open to pay the fine, and poorer congregations don't risk to be fined and prefer to obey ceasar's rules instead!

    Anyway, in recent years inspections in regard of the flags have become something rare, and the law application has been relaxed a little.

    I'm very disappointed that I couldn't get some pictures for you, but the celebration was good and I have to go on!!! Cheers, and viva Chile !!!

  • SimonSays

    Oops! You sure did. Seems like the same video being circulated again. From when, 2009. My Catholic friend acknowledged it was a propaganda scheme from the government to discourage their citizens from becoming JW’s. They confiscated the hall for the purpose of raising the flag, as conquers do with their conquest. I wonder whose hand is on the Puppet if not the Vatican. Since they are making every effort to discourage Catholics from converting.

    Same ploy in Mexico. Humorous never the less.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    So the primary thing is not whether a brother has a flag but how he acts toward it, huh? So then go ahead and put up a big-ass American flag on your front porch and see how quickly your phone rings from your elders!

    Simply and plain. It just won't fly. And what won't fly even more than that is suggesting to put up an American flag at the Kingdom Hall! Yes, that's right, put one right at the God blessed Kingdom Hall. Am I pissed? You bet I am.

    When I read the Society's answer I got real pissed. That is hypocrisy 101.

    But thanks Blue's Brother for posting. I guess all in all, it shouldn't really have surprised us any. But to think of those brothers who stood up so hard and fast for what they thought was so right back in the 1950's and 1960's and lost jobs and dignity all because a Watchtower or an Awake told them to, and now look at this. Dispicable! Many of those old timers and dead and gone, but still, of all the nerve.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Simonsays, you're an idiot. There were no jw org signs in 2009. This video was taken a couple of days ago.

  • Hecce
  • Mandrake

    Simonsays... I clearly remember that I HAD TO RISE THE FLAG on september 17th night at the hall some years ago, it's a thing that it's done across our country to comply with the law, so, unless I'm being delusional all this IS REAL and I was part of it, I did it myself!!!!

  • SAHS

    “joe134cd”: (1) An ultra dub pioneer sister at first was unaware of it and denied it. When I pushed the issue a little further, and showed her proof she then blocked me.

    Isn’t that so typical of JWs that whenever you try to show them the concrete proof of such things, they immediately just shut down (usually after spewing the famous line about ‘the light getting brighter’).

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