Oops, I did it again! Flag placed in the KH: Chile 2016

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    My friends,

    What has become now a yearly tradition for me: Getting the videos/photos of the flag in Chile for their national holidays.

    This is the 2016 version, I believe the clearest example yet:


  • Crazyguy

    Great job! How long do they have to keep the flag up and how much is the fine these days for not having it up?

  • smiddy

    If they dont put it up THEY dont get any Chile with their biscuits on THERE memorial day..

  • joe134cd

    Absolutely incredible. I never thought I'd see the day. This just makes me so angry to think I spent half my life believing their utter bull shit, to now have this thrown in my face.

  • TheOldHippie

    So what is the problem? The authorities demand a flag on the National Day, and a flag they get. So what?

  • smiddy

    Seriously ,

    When you think about what happened in Malawi for not carrying a "card" , the persecution that ensued , rape , beatings , death ,and the displacement of thousands of people fleeing to neighbouring lands , all because of Watchtower policy then in existence , and now seeing this in Chile and the pathetic excuse the organization makes for condoning it , is nothing short of criminal.

    And lets not forget in the same time frame as to what was happening in Malawi , the brothers in Mexico were paying a bribe to the Mexican authorities to say they had fullfilled their obligation to alternative military service when they had not done so.

    And the Governing Body of JW`s knew what was happening in both countries and did nothing either to alleviate the suffering of the Malawi brothers and sisters , and nothing to chastise or condemn what was happening in Mexico.

    The Governing Body /Jehovah`s Witnesses /the WTB&TS / all have blood on their hands for their policys.

  • Zoos
    smiddy: ... and now seeing this in Chile and the pathetic excuse the organization makes for condoning it , is nothing short of criminal.

    I must have missed something. What is the excuse they're using to condone it?

  • TheWonderofYou


    possessing a flag vs. idolatrous whorship of it

    collective conscience of body of elders decides whether or not

    Only government of Chile requires flagging of all houses.

    In former times we certainly have overlooked something. The young boy could now together with his father flag his house with the flag it he lived in Chile, he would not whorship the flag in idoletrous kind, however he might do this at all.

    Would it be the honouring of flag by slowly pulling it up the mast and singing the hymn in front of it.

  • TheWonderofYou

    There is a difference between an ensign at U.S.Navy who takes the oatch of allegiance, greeting the flag during a ceremony and simply decorating the house with a flag.
    But what is idolatrous whorship of a flag, does anybody believe that a flag is GOD, that it should be whorshipped?

    The ancient times are gone at all where the king was a God or representative of god and honouring the state symbol was honouring the Caesar as God. Now we make a difference and our conscience is not disturbed. Or does idolatrous whorship refer also to other idols popstars, TV-evangelists, governing body members, fashion models, politicians like Obama, Trump, Erdogan, Kim Jong-un?

  • menrov

    So, if my boss asks me to decorate the Christmas tree but I am not obliged to sing songs to It (i.e. no act of devotion or ceremony), it is OK......

    If governments are actually tools of Satan (WT doctrine), then hanging a flag is supporting that tool and its master, right??? So, building a church because my company asks me to support the construction works, is all fine then as I am not doing an act of worship. Just carrying stones etc.....

    Hmm....nah... I guess I must be wrong ..... the WT cannot be that hypocritical.....can they??

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