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  • heathen

    What even makes this more disgusting is that they demand volunteer work to build and maintain these assembly halls so the cost is dirt cheep . The WTBTS itsef claims 951 million dollars in revenue on their tax documents . They are just sounding way too much like the televangelists with the demands for more and more money . It wouldn't surprise me if they don't start looking for 10% of everyones earnings .Let's not forget what happened to annanias now . What a friggen scam .

  • Hapgood

    Integ, sorry it took me so long to answer your question, I couldn't get on the computer until this afternoon. I didn't take notes, so it was from memory. Yep, that's what I heard that how disgusting that any religion would have a part in the UN and their promotion of peace. He went on to state how different religions world wide had been apart of the UN's "Year of Peace Summit. He said that there was a picture of this summit in the society's publication, but he didn't state from which one. But by his description of the picture, that's were the DO was very condescending on how some of the different religious faiths were dressed, he went on to say "some even wore feathers." When he said that, I remembered the picture that he was referring to, don't know why he didn't say what publication it was in. I found the picture of this UN Year of Peace Summit that he was referring too in the Revelation Climax book, page 249.

    Another poster, a little below my original posting, Bonnie_Clyde heard the same talk at their 2 day circuit assembly, and they took notes. And Bonnie_Clyde had the same reaction that I had. They said would have to find the notes, so maybe they will post them.


  • iamfree


    Here?s a little inside information.

  • tazmaniac

    I remember sitting in many an elders meeting at the circuit assemblies. It is very very typical to "donate" the surplus from the previous assembly to the society. I remember a loooong elders meeting where the circuit overseer told us to donate all our surplus to the society. We argued that we needed to keep X amount of dollars in the circuit fund. The CO admonished us to only leave $1,000 in the circuit fund. Then we need to give to the CO car fund....even though every congregation in the circuit does so on a local level. I know we used to make quite a bit of money on food service. I wonder why they TRULY got rid of food service at assemblies. The platform given reason was that there was too many brothers and sisters missing portions of the program. I half wonder if any of the assemblies or the ORG was ever sued cause someone got sick or something on assembly food. I know that EVERY assembly I attended we would always have a "created" defecit to announce both on Saturday and ALWAY announced on Sunday. It was a know fact that many many publishers saved their assembly donation for Sunday. And they would NOT announce if the 10k was met by the announcements before the WT study on Sunday. This would slow down donations. I know of pioneers and elderly the were compelled to give more more more because of these announcements and tactics. It always bothered me, but like one of the other posters noted: you dont see it clearly til you are on the outside. Just another note. It would be interesting how much a CO or DO gets in palmed donations "so he and his wife could get a decent meal at a restaurant" while they attended the assembly.

  • Hapgood

    Thanks all for the inside information on how the donation arrangement works for the Assemblies. Very interesting :-)


  • Euphemism

    Taz... I think that the Society ended food service because they were afraid of having to start paying taxes on it. That's why, for a couple of years, they tried to do food on a donation arrangement. Apparently the donations weren't all that much, because they scrapped food service altogether a couple of years later.

  • JT

    Yes, I too have wondered how an assembly that is held in a fully paid for assembly hall, with no food service, could possibly have $10,000 in expenses. I suppose the bethel speakers have transportation expenses - maybe $1000 or so. As for rent on the assembly hall, well you have already paid for it once, why pay again?

    I suspect that the society levies an expected contribution, based on attendance.

    I used to be the assembly hall account overseer- and i will tell you exactly why you are ALWAYS IN THE RED-

    they use some wacky formula to come up with a PER PUB RATE it varies---

    when the accout overseer gets to the hall at about 6;30 7 AM on sat he meets with the assembly hall overseer who has a form ==

    DAMN I SHOULD HAVE KEPT COPIES OF ALL THAT SH!T- I JUST WANTED to get the He!! out of WT when i got ready to leave= ANYWAY

    It will show the number of pubs in the circuit "X" the rate let's say $11.25 per pub

    975 pub X $11.75 = $11,450-+

    and at this point before the assembly even starts

    YOU ARE IN THE RED BEFORE THE DOORS EVEN OPEN with a deficit of over $11,000

    and since you sent all the left over money to the society from the last assembly YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OPERATING CASH for the most part, yea we kept a little in the account, but it was NEVER USED TOward deferring the current expense

    anyway on sat pm we meet with all the elders and do, and co,

    then they leave the room AND we reveiw any expenses they have and we take thAT VOTE LIKE THE RUSSIAN PARLIMENT AS TO whether to pay their bills


    so this expense is attached as well--- so now we are getting up into the cash

    DO $500 for car CO $600 for car

    over $12,000

    we count the money during the session and it has to come out to the PENNY-

    wE CONstantly have to give the assembly overseer and the assembly hall overseer and the DO and CO the lastest $$ count-

    then on Sundy usually the assembly overseer would go out and read the status

    as we used to say


    we actually used to laugh at the friends in terms of how they will GIVE OUT THE YINGYANG-

    once this annoucement is made

    SO he would give the accounts report and and let;s say it was $3,000 short

    at the end of the sunday meeting when we would count the money it be $5000+ so that leaves us with about $2000 and THAT GETS SENT TO WT BECAUSE at the elders meeting on sat it was agreed by all elders AND I MEAN ALL ELDERS anything left will go to the world wide work0 $$$$$$

    now I made the mistake of asking


    I thought they were going to take out a "CAN OF WHIPA$$" ON ME- SMILE


    Lady "C" used to come home with me from the assembly hall scared to damn death why

    cause I would have anywhere from $12-15,000 dollars and most of it in CASH

    WE USED TO laugh can you imagine being a black man with $12,000 in cash and explaining that to the cops- smile

    i recall the first time i went to the bank to deposit it on that monday- i had this briefcase full of cash- there was a line in the bank and when i told the girl i needed to make a deposit and dropped that suitcase on the counter

    she almost Sh!t bricks as well as the folks standing inline, cause she had to COUNT EVERY SINGLE PENNY so she got this other lady to help her with the money counting machine and the folks in line were Pissed cause i was there a good 20-30 min

    well at any rate this is why wt will never change as i have told folks over and over STOP looking at wt as some bible fullfillment of some damn prophecy wt is a BIZ PURE AND SIMPLE

    PROBLEM IS we were all used and didn't even know it

    how sad

    just my 2

  • Tatiana

    hapgood said....

    Eight were baptized, it looked liked two were adults.

    This is so sad. I swear I think there should be a law against children being baptized and counted as publishers--basically USED to up the numbers as they beam with pride on the platform about the "rise" in the flock!!!

    I say do it like cigs and liquor. No baptism till you're 18, or 21. Wonder what the numbers would look like then?

  • Mulan
    I would love to have a break-down as to exactly why it costs $10,000 to have a 2 day Assembly

    I always wondered that too......................what is the cost? It was the same when we had assemblies too. The Assembly Hall was paid for................aren't they tax free? The land that is? It can't possibly cost that much to heat it for two days......................and they don't pay anyone for cleaning it, so where is the expense?

  • DFWnonJW

    Quite interesting posts.
    My mom is being escorted to the assembly tomorrow by my sister and brother. hehe, I told them to take notes out of jest but now I'd kind of like to know what is said. Especially about the UN. My mom made the comment to me a little while ago (phone) that my siblings are only going for her sake and I piped in that that would be the only reason I'd go too. Then I added the "no more pretense" line and there was this long silence. Could be some interesting conversation tomorrow night when they are here Then again, it might be REAL silent.

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