What was the first "Bad" CD/Record/Tape you ever bought?

by ColdRedRain 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • closer2fine

    Violent Femmes Violent Femmes


  • Euphemism

    I guess the first album I bought that would raise eyebrows among most Witnesses would be Metallica's black album. Although I felt a little guilty when I bought my first Bruce Springsteen album, because he did sing about sex, you know...

  • joannadandy

    The Offspring

  • Debz

    Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield...its the theme from the Exorcist for those that may not know..I was 19 and my MUm made me throw it it the River.......I brought another copy on CD a few years ago! What a rebel!!

  • Mac

    Pretty sure it was Black Sabbath's Paranoid

    mac, Ironman class

  • Allinclusive

    I started to buy me all the good music i throw away some years ago Don't really know why this had to be.

    But that's not "bad" music - i love it. I started with Pink-Floyd "the Wall", Deep-Purple "Made in Japan", The Who "Thommy" ... ok you see it ... i'm an oldtimer (but not THAT old). Where could i get all the rest? like "cannibalism" from Can? All the tapes with rare music?

  • BluesBrother

    A lot of the stuff on the thread(from the 70's)I already had because I was always into rock music . I can remember the Watchtower slating the Beatles and the Stones back in 60's but it did not stop me from enjoying the music as a "Secret vice" even though I served as an elder, I simply thought the Society had gone over the top on the issue, and could not tell harmless rock from the real extreme nasty stuff that exists on the fringes

    Even so I had a twinge of conscience when I bought the Guns n Roses CD, Apetite for Destruction ,with its cover of a cross and skulls. But it has some wonderful music, including the beautiful "Sweet Child of Mine"

  • caspian

    Frigging in the Rigging by the Sex Pistols,

    I remember hiding it under my bed.


  • Piph

    A David Bowie greatest hits album. I was obsessed with him after watching Labyrinth, only knew a couple of his songs from the radio, he was my new favorite singer, and I didn't buy any of his tapes for two years. I didn't tell any of my pioneer friends that I had his tape, and I desecrated my first Bowie cds by throwing the jackets out if they had questionable pics, or marking the songs out I didn't allow myself to listen to.

    I really regret not having the pics that go with Ziggy Stardust and the Man Who Sold the World.

  • jwbot

    I think the first CD I got with a parental advisory on it was Rage Against the Machine - evil empire. I think I also got some offspring CDs and Tool, etc. I always thought it was so silly that JW's would regulate music so much, and get bethelites to throw out their music...but claim to allow the freedom of conscience...*rolls eyes*

    Sadly, all my CD's that I have gotten over the years were stolen from my car a couple months ago...

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