Is the Bible truly inspired?

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  • smiddy3

    In 1 Sam.17:53-56 The Bible plainly identifies David as the slayer of the philistine Goliath.

    However in 2 Sam.21:19 it states in a war with the Philistines "....and Elhanan the son of Ja-a-re-ore-gim the Bethle-hemite got to strike down Goliath the Gittite the shaft of whose spear was like the beam of loom workers."

    On another note according to Genesis the Sun was a luminary for the day and the moon was a luminary for the night.

    Granted the Sun is regular as clockwork for being a luminary for the day but the moon as a luminary for the night ?

    Many times in it`s cycle the Moon never appears in the night sky because it is on the other side of the earth in the day time and quite visible.

    Just saying.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Is the Bible truly inspired??Well lets see..(1) useless commandments (2) silly food rules (3)Holy hangups about genitals (4) there are times in the Bible where God is worst than Satan (5) denigration of handicapped people (6)and some passages that are a waste of brain space and paper. Soooo in other words NO...A silly food rule "Never boil a baby goat in it's mother's milk" Ex.23:19..I promise I will never break that rule....

  • smiddy3

    How about the axe head that floats on water.? 2 Kings 6:5-7 WTF ?

    The list of the World powers in Daniel ? The G.B.of Jehovah`s Witnesses thought they had that right back when ?

    What about now ? I bet they now disown the Green book about Daniel "Your Will Be Done On Earth "

    The Bible being inspired is always Dependant on the interpretation of the examiner and the believer always goes for the affirmative.

  • scratchme1010
    Is the Bible truly inspired?

    Big fat YES. It was inspired by the people who wrote it at the moment for the purpose it was written at the moment. If you mean inspired by God, then big fat NO.

  • 2+2=5

    It's truly not inspired.

  • justmom


    The Bible is NOT and never has been INspired. What is scripture IS! And even that has been tampered with and warned that it would be. We were warned that some would "add to and take away" from the scroll of Revelation as well as other books that were actually inspired.

    JEREMIAH 8:8

    2 PETER 3:16

    Which is why in our time it is best to actually listen to the true source himself, His Voice as the only Way, Truth and Life....Christ! And I don't mean " Jesus".

    HEBREWS 1:1-4

    JOHN 5:39-41

    JOHN 10:

    JOHN 14:6

    Jesus is the name modern religion has given to a being that has never existed. Whose name there is no power nor in saving anyone. It is an English term that is not even close to our Saviors real name and power and energy in that name.

    In the name of Jesus there has been untold bloodshed, wars, hypocrisy, hate, judgement, gross lack of love and the list goes on.

    There is only One who can save! There is only One who is The Glorified Holy Spirit, whose Father is The Most Holy One of the universe..(Y) JAHveh.

    His son is the true MIschaJAH (messiah) Or chosen one of JAH....JAHeshua ( or the closest in English, Joshua Yahshua.

    The two most powerful beings in the universe, who loves! Truly loves us!

    And our heavenly Father says to " Listen to his Son, the beloved." Listen to as he has a voice and speaks to each and everyone of us. Do we believe this? Do we have faith that he is aIive and speaks?

    Peace to you all!

  • Onager

    Ok.... So Jahveh and Josua Yahshua are the two most powerful beings in the universe? And they both truly love us? And the true scripture(tm) in the bible is their message to us?

    Can you point me to the verse in the bible that commands us to boil water before drinking it?

    Do you know how many people, mainly children, have died, horribly, because of water born diseases?

    Whatever you call them your gods have no power, no agency in this world and certainly no love for us.

  • tor1500


    Is the Bible inspired ? Who knows...The bible only tells us how to treat one can read all the books in the bible and it's about Good vs Evil....

    The more you read the bible and pick it apart the more you will lose the message....who cares if Neby had x amount of wives, or if you can say the Lord's prayer backwards on one foot, as I said before...WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPERS...The Gov't isn't checking for us...we have to watch out for one another...

    Don't get bogged down by some of the stories regarding Jehovah's killings of innocent folks...Read about Jesus, LOVE...he gave his life for other religion has can do good all your life but no guarantee you'll go & be with 10,000 virgins...but with Jesus dying for us...we might have a chance...let me say this...IF YOU BELIEVE..

    Whether it's inspired or not...Just be good to your fellow yesterdays WT expressed, have compassion for another person, even if you haven't been through anything...if you see something that you can do for someone, do it...even if they can't return the favor...doing something for someone that can't do nothing for you, shows character...


  • EverApostate
    Onager - Can you point me to the verse in the bible that commands us to boil water before drinking it?

    Great Point. Why doesn't the inspired book talk about microscopic germs, at least the ones that causes deadly diseases. ?

    It only talks about "all visible" serpents, pigeons, Donkeys and stuff and some fairy tale monsters. Not impressive.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If the Bible was inspired, then we would not have "different" Bibles which depend on which particular books your beliefs accept. The accepted books should have offered something incredible ahead of time that was known to be ahead of time and immensely helped people- something about avoiding the plague or cancer, or even just a warning to save a hundred thousand children from a tsunami in 2004.

    If I was 100% wrong, I would still not be wanting to base my life on what the Bible says when I read about slavery and men ahead of women and the reasons for killing individuals, groups, and whole nations.

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