Is the Bible truly inspired?

by MrRoboto 21 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • dogisgod

    People get duped in "Christianity" because of the false idea that the bible is the word of God. People are raised with this lie and it becomes their "default" mechanism. This sets you up to be led by this ring in your nose depending on your life situation . (Usually hard times that you have no currant answer for) then you are vulnerable for Christian preditors just waiting to throw a few scriptures with warnings if you don't take heed. People really know that the Catholic Church decided which ancient books to include in the present cannon. Making sure nothing was included that would question church dogma. Dogma, politics and power decided what would be in "Gods Word".....God had nothing to do with anything. It's ALL man made.

  • steve2

    If you read the Bible with a closed mind, you will conclude it is the inspired Word of God.

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