Is the Bible truly inspired?

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  • MrRoboto

    So I was reading the book of Daniel, starting with chapter 4 (Nebuchadnezzar's famous tree chopping/banding dream where the 7 times is introduced) but I noticed that when you don't cherry pick verses and just read straight thru - it really seems like some children's book that was poorly written. Even though the bORG says that this book as written by Daniel, chapter 4 is clearly written by "King Nebuchad·nezzar to all the peoples, nations, and language groups dwelling in all the earth" after the tree chopping business. Many (all?) of the rest of the chapters seem to be written in 3rd person (odd, if you are writing about your experiences)

    Also in the table of bible books at the back of the NWT (gray one at least) it makes note that [Names of writers of some books and of places where written are uncertain. Many dates are only approximate....]

    it seems to me that before you claim divine authorship/inspiration for a particular work (and we are talking about at least 66 individual works, but probably more) that you ought to know who wrote it and when.

    Add to this that the accounts of Jesus' resurrection (particularly the grave visiting scene) have vastly different and opposing narratives (number of angels, where they were, what they said, whether or not the women told noone out of fear or told the disciples etc etc etc) and one cannot help but ask the question:

    Is the Bible truly inspired?

    I'm not trying to be antagonistic - I so wanted to believe but I'm finding it harder and harder to justify any "Yes" answer to the above question. Any believers up to explaining some of the above issues?

  • ducatijoe

    No, its not

  • punkofnice
    Robby - Is the Bible truly inspired?

    I do not believe ANY so called holy book is inspired. This is because, after some years painful reasoning, I had to honestly admit that I do not believe a god or gods exist. We made god in our own image.

    If the bible is inspired, then it is inspired by a psychotic weirdo that doesn't know how to communicate. Certainly NOT worthy of worship. Only worthy of scorn and derision. It may sound harsh to believers but when asked, I give an honest reply.

    I'm not trying to be antagonistic

    I'm sure you're not and I await the non antagonistic replies with great interest.

  • Onager

    I don't think the bible is inspired by god. If it was then why would it have two stories, Jael and Sisera and Judith and Holofernes, which are so similar but which both can't be true?

    Of course the story of Judith and Holofernes is found in the Apocrypha, but the only reason it's there and not in the bible is because some Roman dudes decided to cut it out, probably for the reasons I mentioned above.

    My point is that they could have decided to ditch Jael and keep Judith (Was it the council of Nicea that decided? I can't remember, too tired) and the Inspired Word of God (tm) would have been different because of a human decision.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I'm sure that the bible's many mythological and wild stories are INSPIRING to many persons, the bible is not INSPIRED--at least not by some super human shy daddy!

    And how I believed in all that bs--well it makes me wonder!

    just saying!

  • Crazyguy

    It’s hard to stay a believers when you read books and passages like the ones you mentioned. As you read you find mistakes , scientific, mathematical, historical etc.. The book of Daniel has many of these for example the first chapter gets the time line of when the king of Babylon starts his reign comparing it to that of the kings of Jerusalem. In a later chapter the writer mentions Darius the Mede yet there and never been a Darius the Mede. He is obviously meaning Darius the Persian even mentioning a family member Xerxes his father. But he gets that wrong too, Xerxes is Darius son not his father.

    Mistakes like these can be found throughout the Bible. David killed Goliath in one book of the Bible yet Saul didn’t seem to know who it was that killed him even though David was at his tent all the time. Another book states some one else killed Goliath so modern writer changed the passage to say it was the brother of Goliath. Then there’s the gospels with stories about Jesus yet again each gospel is different in both the death and birth stories of this messiah.

  • EverApostate

    Yes, the Bible was inspired by its own writers and nothing more. If it was inspired by God there would be facts about the universe, human physiology, germs etc...

    To the contrary, it contains a lot of absurdities, proven wrong by Science.

    Moses, the supposed writer of Deuteronomy , writes about his own death in Deuteronomy 34:5. How could that be?

    All gospels are written by anonymous writers and later labelled as :According to Mathew, According to.....

    If I write a book, I would say something about myself, like the time and place I lived and so on, which is missing in most of the Bible Books.

  • pbrow

    I think if you would just take 5 minutes and check it... it says that it is.



    edit... mroboto.... keep asking questions! This is awesome to read! You remind me of an extremely good looking person I know who, after leaving his church, asked many of these same questions!

  • MrRoboto


    I think if you would just take 5 minutes and check it... it says that it is.

    haha that reminds me of a study article a few years ago that said that we can trust that Jesus was resurrected because the Bible says he was seen by upwards of 500 people after he came back.

    If you dont believe other stuff in the bible (like all the other times his resurrection was mentioned) then why would you believe the 500 witnesses scripture?

    The new 'reasoning book' will be a simplified version, and it's official title will be "Reasoning in the Circular"

  • EverApostate

    I could write a book mentioning that my grandfather resurrected 100 people and that 500 people witnessed this event, and all of those eye witnesses are now dead.

    I am sure that certain nuts would believe this and form a group to worship my grand daddy.

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