Do any of the current Governing Body have academic qualifications?

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  • stillin

    It's OK to be a high school dropout if you do it for God.

  • Earnest
    new boy : Rutherford. gave himself the title of "Judge" with no formal education or law school.

    Rutherford spent two years as a judge's intern, became an official court reporter at age 20, and passed a bar examination for admission to the Missouri bar in May 1892 at age 22. He became a trial lawyer for a law firm and later served for four years in Boonville as a public prosecutor.

    He was appointed as a Special Judge in the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri, sitting as a substitute judge four times when a regular judge was unable to hold court. He was admitted to the New York bar in 1909 and admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States the same year.

  • Listener

    Jp1692 The August 2015 Watchtower includes Jackson's background, written by him. He does his best at trying to make himself look good. He says he left school at the age of 15 (with a certificate). At that time, in Australia, 15 was the youngest age you were allowed to leave School. You were considered a Highschool 'dropout'. A lot of boys did it but often went on to do apprenticeships.

    Jackson also brags about the fact that he got several academic awards at high school. At his level of education it's hilarious to see him boasting about it.

    He got baptized at 13.

    I can see why he thinks he's anointed, delusions of grandeur.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

  • waton
    Knorr could have giving himself a title it would have been "King"

    nb: Knorr is the trademark of major food company. he could have given himself the title of CHEF, "chief" (chieftain like in Ezekiel), "chef "in french. almost left a typo with a "t". would have been slander.

  • waton
    How these seven fools got to be the figure heads of a moderately significant religion with millions of followers and billions of dollars of assets is really a mystery.

    jp: valid observation. answer:

    GB members have obviously been picked by intelligent, educated, powerful people that are looking for fanatical, believable puppet front men.

  • waton
    Grade 5 Piano: first class honors-- Perry Maerov; Doris Engel; Robert Fulton, Kathryn Weber (equal), Ester R. Quiring, David Splane (equal);...

    found this in calgary royal conservatory notes. 1960

    David of Bethlehem played the harp, David of Warwick plays the hammered harp aka piano. grand.

    First Class Honors-- Valerie J. Paulson; Donalda F. Edgington, Brock , Susan Palmatier, David Splane ---
  • intropist
  • Vidiot
    jp1692 - "How do you know that? That would be significant if it can be documented. Please provide your evidence and/or source(s)."

    It came out during his appearance at the Aussie RC.

    Can't remember from who, but it was a pretty reliable source.


    Don't kid yourself, though.

    Significant to us maybe, but amongst WT loyalists, it would be virtually a non-issue (maybe even a badge of honor).

  • Drearyweather

    You do not need academic qualifications if you claim to speak for God.

    Look at Jesus. What academic qualifications did he have?

    And even if you are qualified, it doesn't give an assurance that everyone will believe what you say just because you are qualified.

    Look at Luke and Paul for this, who were supposedly qualified

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