"'Cause breakin up is hard to do...sha na na na na na..."

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  • greven

    I just would tell the truth. Sit down with her and tell her short and to the point how you feel. Tell her to pretend otherwise would be dishonest to her and your own feelings. She is entitled to know imidiately how you feel about her. Straight, to the point but not harsh. Doing things like breaking up by phone or e-mail only hurts her more. Besides it would be really chicken of you wouldn't it?

    Honesty worked for me, one girl turned into a good friend and we go out now and then with her new BF and other friends. No hard feelings. Another I see regularly and we're on friendly terms. Another moved away. Anyway, none are hostile. They deserve respect and dignity eventhough they weren't who I thought they were. Don't treat her like shit, unless she really did something nasty to you...


  • logansrun

    I called her today....left message. Want to talk. Yadda...

    Think there's any way possible I could somehow keep the sexual thing going though?


  • tinkerbell82
    Think there's any way possible I could somehow keep the sexual thing going though?


  • jwbot

    Being honest is a good method...it really is. She probably wants out too...but was too chicken to mention? You never know...

  • logansrun


    I was kidding. Kinda


  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    And tink is smart and knows that you had the kinda in there... and is being a good friend.

    Sex is everywhere, Brad - relationships are not, and you are the kind of guy who doesn't need the sex as much as he needs to learn practice creating responsible adult relationship.

  • Sentinel

    Breaking up always means that one party is going to feel really good about the decision, and the other, really bad. There is no way around it. It takes time to date and get to know someone--so when you've seen things you don't care for, irritating habits, and the chemical attraction isn't present, then it's time to speak up and just say it isn't working out. No need to go into detail. The less personal you get, the better. We have to be ourselves, and we have to face that some people just won't like us for who we are. It doesn't mean we are deficient in any way.

    There should be a "Hallmark card for this".

    The thing is, these days, people tend to rush into the sex thing before they sit down and eat a meal together, and when that happens, emotions are running high. People can feel used and confused. It's always best to just be as honest as you can. But, don't fall for the thing where they say "they will do anything to keep you". This means, they will make changes just to please you, and that never works out. Best wishes. There's really no one who wins in these matters.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Less than 3 months?...... I say just avoid their calls. Hopefully they'll get the hint. Otherwise a simple "I just dont see this working out." That should be enough. The long term meaningful relationships are the ones that are sometimes REALLY messy to break off.

  • worldlygirl

    Oh, remember the good old days when we were just little kids.... you could just say "I don't want to play with you anymore." And that was that.

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