good news from Vicki Boer

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  • slipnslidemaster


    I am so relieved for you. I opened my parents eyes just a little tiny bit more with the events of your case.

    What is going on Nov.15th?? Is there a link somewhere? Is a lowly Slippy allowed to come?

  • SheilaM

    Congrats to you both, I am so glad the campaign worked....Best wishes

    SheilaM n Thunder

  • rocky220

    <<<<<Vicky>>>>>>> Wooooooo Hooooooo! That's great news !!!!!!rocky220

  • iiz2cool

    slipnslidemaster: Here's the link. You're more than welcome to attend!


  • meyer

    Hi all, but especially Vicki,

    This is Heidi Meyer - the woman from MN who also filed suit against the JW's, bla bla bla . . .

    Anyhow, I have been following your case, but have been so busy (I just had a baby) I haven't taken the time to contact you. Congratulations to you - even though today is the first I read about you no longer having to pay their legal costs, I was already inspired by the fact that someone had finally (though pitifully) won them in court! Even though the judgement was nowhere near what it should have been, still, someone out there sees through the muck and mire the WT surrounds itself with and saw the truth for what it was. As someone with a case in the works, I can tell you that you have accomplished a hell of a lot. Each little victory brings justice closer and closer. Even the losses are victories. Whether or not the lawsuit against WT is won, it's a personal victory - dealing with all of this in the public way that I have has done so much to resolve the inner turmoil I've been feeling for years.

    Please feel free to contact Bill Bowen for my personal info. I would love to talk sometime. Take care and good job!

  • justhuman


    I will pass them on

  • mcsemike50

    I'm glad things worked out for you. I have two questions. I'm new to these forums, so if this isn't the place, please let me know. First, why doesn't the WTS have email? Secondly, why don't the CD's contain every book they ever published, all the way back to the Studies in the Scriptures? We might be able to compare the old and the new and see what's wrong, don't you think??? Just a thought.

  • Scott77

    marked for later reading

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