good news from Vicki Boer

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  • needs_lots

    Looks like the letter writting campaign has paid off !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Jw's have dropped costs, and there will be no exchange of money. (which, yes, means I still will not receive my huge $5000.00 judgement) (thanks Judge Molloy!?)

    Seems they finally realize the damage they have done. I will still have to look after my lawyers fee's , but that is minor compared to what could have been.

    Many thanks to all that have sent me donations at this difficult time. It certainly did not turn out the way I had hoped. But Iam certainly glad that the jw's finally went down on record as being a controlling organization and lacking in free will.

    I can't wait till Nov 15 to finally meet some of you in Toronto.

    Thanks again,

    Scott and Vicki Boer and Family !

  • Simon

    ((( Scott & Vicki )))

    That is GREAT news !!

  • iiz2cool

    That's great to hear Vicki!

    Looking forward to meeting up with you in Toronto.


  • freedom96

    That is indeed good news.

  • Jourles

    That's awesome news Vicki! It probably didn't help them having a scanned letter from London Bethel floating out on the internet admitting that they were asking for costs to be paid. Only makes them look bad....and we all know how they do not like to look bad in public.

  • kj

    That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


  • mouthy

    Great News Vickie.... So glad you were able to expose a false prophet.... World wide.!!!!!!!
    So sorry about the 15th Nov. It is the only day I could get the lounge for the POT LUCK. I have 18 coming so far. Cos you could all arrive for supper if you want.. LOL !!!! POT LUCK !!!! Starts at 4.30 supper at 5.30 New folks attending....... All lost sheep !!!!! Escaped from the Wolf in sheeps clothing.....ClappyKids welcome by the way!!!!!

  • shera

    That is great news,I am so happy for you!

  • Beans

    Can't wait to meet you VB, sounds like we all can have a celebration on the 15th EH! Sounds like were gonna have a good turn out too.


    Canadian District Overbeer

  • SpunkyChick

    GREAT to hear!! Congrats!!

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