good news from Vicki Boer

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  • Uzzah

    I couldn't help but chuckle when I re-read what I had first posted when I heard of the decision. The last paragraph said:

    The presses are rolling with this. Hopefully the optics will bite them in the ass. Or maybe if they are smart (WT SPIES PLEASE READ) they will announce in the media how they are happy with the victory and will not make Vicki pay. This would be the smartest PR move they could make. In their arrogance they won't but it would be great optics for them. HINT HINT WATCHTOWER Maybe doing the right thing once this decade will be a salve to your consciences.

    Thank you to any who contributed in getting out the message in the letter writing campaign. I know that some people at all xJW boards assisted in doing this. The letter writing campaign removed their option of making this a media event for the Borg. They can't admit that they were swayed by public opinion. They had their chance to come out smelling like roses, but they blew it and smell more like fertilizer.

    I am just glad some of the pressure is now off Scott & Vicki.

    Thank you again to all those that helped out.

  • kgfreeperson

    I assumed from the beginning that the decision to go after Vicki for their costs was getting in first before she went after them for hers. I still can't understand how she can have "won" but they don'thave to pay her costs. Canadian law? I dunno. But I am confident "doing the right thing" never entered WTS's minds, regardless of letter writing!

  • Special K
    Special K

    Congratulations to you vicki, scott and family..

    what a long and winding road this has been.

    Great news.. I'm really happy for you all


    Special K.

  • PurpleV

    I could NOT be happier.

    What an utter sense of total relief this must be. Sure, you have your lawyer to pay, but to NOT have to pay those bastards corporate lawyers must feel SOOOOO good... I'm crying in happiness.... I was so sick for you, I thought about how I would feel if I owed the WTS money and it did not feel good.

    CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYONE ON PURPLEV!!! The catch is yoy\U have to come to NYC to get it... oh, is someone complaining about fine print? GET GLASSES!! lol

  • waiting


    Even though the WT isn't doing this "for the right reason" - it's a huge relief to the Boers.

    May the WT burn in the Lake of Fire, Hell, or just disappear...............whatever our religious dictates.

    They deserve worse.

    But a polite acknowledgement of the WT's seeing the political light of this situation.


  • needs_lots

    Your right Uzzah!

    Perhaps they read your post and realized the wisdom in it all

    I think this definitly calls for a celebration. Remember all.......I will be coming to Toronto on the 15th of november, and I want to meet everyone that has stood by my side for the last year.

    My girls want to thank all of you too! They have been through so much, all of their living lives pretty much, and they are glad its over too! HOpe this turns out.

  • blondie

    I wish we could come, Vicki, but I have no more vacation time because of my husband's illness. But may your family have a great time with those who can come. ((((hugs)))

  • shamus

    Yes, this is excellent news.

    I am still pissed at them, though. They are trying to bully victims into not making claims against them. They have set themselves apart from gods people and made themselves into a corporation.

    They have not heard the last from me. I can't stand by and let Vicki go through hell for nothing.

  • Catren

    Wonderful news! Congratulations, Vicki!!! And thanks for paving the way for others. You're a pioneer!

  • Insomniac

    God, that's great to hear. A drop in the bucket to them, but a huge victory for you! Congratulations, Vicki, you were so brave to face them and prevail!

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