Obsessed with sex?

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  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    Canceling a study is a great first step.

  • Celia

    Please, Momofmany, read Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. You can order it there too : http://www.commentarypress.com/

    I just thought they were right and I was wrong. I did not agree with them on somethings, but I thought that I did not fully understand.

    That's what the leaders of the Watch Tower Society want you to think. "Do as we say, we know better, we do the thinking for you, just follow our orders, just obey without questions..."

    Then I do fear, what if they are right, did I doom my chilren to death?

    Again, the leadership wants you to think exactly that. Independent thinking is frowned upon as you well know. Armageddon is not coming, they've been predicting the end for over 120 years, and it's always around the corner. The JW religion is a religion built on fear. Do as we say or die !

    We're all gonna die. I may die in a car crash this afternoon. I may get cancer and die next month. I may have a heart attack and die suddenly tomorro morning. Or I'll live to be 89 years old and die in my sleep.

    Momofmany, I hope you'll wake up and do the right thing for you and your children. The JW are family wreckers. There are countless threads on this board that talk about this.

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    momofmany, it sounds to me that you are a loving mother who wants what is best for her children... and that you don'tbelieve that you can be right in your own eyes, never mind God's.

    If you beleive in a God, then ask yourself if your God would play favorites, creating some people who can excel and others who cannot, no matter how they try. I suspect your vision of God does not include such unfairness.

    You are every bit as capable, wonderful, lovable, and deserving as every other human on the planet. You may pretend otherwise for long stretches :), as many of us do, but your essential nature is as special and unique as anyone that you admire or respect.

    I would like to respectfully and lovingly suggest that you, rather than looking for how to save your kids, look how to continue to grow, progress, and succeed in your own life so you give them an example that is worthy of you. Besides, no matter what you do for them, they will be learning from how you live your own life anyway, so take that into account. You can't give them what you don't give yourself.



  • abraham

    what??? JW are sexually maniac , a big no .. if you will search a bible, you can read the right view on sex that JW promoting thats why many are disfellowed because they cant abide the law of god about sex , the book you have said is designed for those young people who knows and aware about sexual thing , our book of "my Book Of Bible story is designed for your child .., hey people did you know how to read , the young people ask advice how youth be carefull on sexual act .

  • SanFranciscoJim
    if you will search a bible, you can read the right view on sex that JW promoting thats why many are disfellowed because they cant abide the law of god about sex

    Someone help me out with this......

    Back when I was a JW, I was told that only elders could talk with disfellowshipped persons about spiritual matters. Has this policy changed?

    Abraham seems to think it is OK for people to be disfellowshipped for sexual misconduct, but isn't his discussing spiritual matters with we "known apostates" an equally disfellowshippable offense?

  • Sassy

    all I know is I felt so repressed as a JW regarding sex. Everything was wrong or taboo. I can't believe how much of a new world has opened up getting out from under that.

  • stillajwexelder

    All part of the control-freak mentality - there is definitely NOT a healthy attitude towards sex amongst the JW crowd

  • Faraon
    This is all counterbalanced, however, by the fact that the adults are treated like children by the leadership.

    You should work for Reader's Digest. You totally summed it up.

  • BluesBrother
    That is a matter to be talked about by parents to children.

    I guess that the writers of the book primarily designed it for parental use. Anyone taking a study would cover the material as it comes. I am assuming here that that the subjects are in the book because I could not locate a copy right now.

    I would never allow a child of mine to receive instruction from an outsider unless I knew him very well and trusted him totally. An elder in the UK was sentenced to jail for child abuse of boys that he studied with some years ago. A parent should also satisfy themself as to the actual material to be covered .

    But to pick up on what you say about the reasons for the study. Like most of us on this board we have been there and done the witness life. We had faith once. We lived only for Jehovah and "Spiritual things". We suffered the devastating blow of realising that it is all just a dream . A myth. There is no New World. Armageddon is not around the corner and the WTBTS are emphatically not led by Holy Spirit

    Do not fear for yoour son, but teach him to view the wonderful earth and the world for what it is and eventually draw his own conclusions.

    There is good advice on this thread about using the web to gain knowledge . It is freely there for everyone . Have fun learning!

  • JeffT

    It sounds like you want some religious education for your children. I would like to add my voice to a couple of others that suggested and independent church. My wife and I are members at a large church in the Seattle area. There are wonderful age appropriate programs for the children, and even adult Sunday School where you can learn more for yourself as well. And unlike the Watchtower you don't have to take every single piece of it completely. It is OK to disagree.

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