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  • WTWizard

    A YEARLY campaign? How do they expect people to afford this? Even allowing for the cultural and religious hardships this makes for both sides, they are not accounting for the financial hardships and stresses on personal lives of those going to these ridiculous missions.

    Roughly, the cost of a round trip coach ticket to and from Tel Aviv out of New York City is around 1,200 US toilet papers. You are just about guaranteed to run into surprise fees, so double that. And what do motels cost once you are there? Realistically, I would double the advertised fees to account for the extras you are certain to encounter. That will probably set you back around 7,500 to 10,000 toilet papers for the mission, not including time off from work.

    To put this into perspective, one ice cream cone is about 2 toilet papers. The washtowel is expecting children to throw away their ice cream cone money into the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Now, what is to stop them from having to throw away their Israel trip money when it amounts to 3,750 to 5,000 ice cream cones? Nothing. And, if you don't throw away the money, they can deem you unfit to qualify to even go.

    Those simply wanting a change of pace should plan an alternate vacation. For the same amount of money, you can visit just about any major attraction in Europe--or find something that is less famous but equally appealing. Trips to Australia or New Zealand are only slightly more expensive, but you are less likely to be stuck there because of a single rocket launch or terror attack. Even a trip to Canada has much to offer. Montreal, Ottawa (in both cases, better brush up on your French because they speak French), Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg--and many spaces in between--have much to offer for a far lower cost. And, bear in mind that, if you have Israel stamped in your passport, you will never be allowed to visit nearby countries such as Egypt, Syria, or other countries in the Middle East.

    I can only hope this whole stupid idea gets zero support, and not just because of religious freedom issues. It is going to have zero success in doing anything more than providing fuel to enslave the whole world. And the cost is too high, especially given that the washtowel is too greedy and will seize whatever you save before you get to go under threat that you will not qualify if you do not give it up.

    For those that want to visit Israel, read up thoroughly on the cautions and costs before going, and go only as a vacation with no missionary goals. No going to boasting sessions. No field circus. You will still spend quite a bit of money on surprise fees, but at least you will not be wasting time doing something that will serve zero useful purpose.

  • smiddy

    Instead of a campaign to encourage JW`s to go to Israel , the people of the Book , the Old testament to give a witness , wouldnt it be more productive of them to go to the other people of the Book ?, those that embrace Islam ?

    Islam has its roots in the early books of the Bible , and they recognise Jesus Christ as a prophet , something the Jewish religion does not accept , so isnt it more logical for them to engage with Muslims ? and not Jews ?

    Their has to be a fertile field in Muslim countries that have some connection with the bible and has been largely ignored by Christianity and especially by Jehovahs Witnesses , who make the claim they have witnessed to the whole world .

    They have made little impact in nations such as Pakistan , India , China , Bangladesh , let alone Muslim countrys. depite the spin to the contrary .

    When you work it all out JW`s have probably only covered abou 1/3rd of the planet in their witnessing , and most of that has already been covered by Christendoms Religions Centuries before them

    And all the JW`s have really done is poached off those that have laid the basis for belief before them .

  • Fisherman

    WTW, I am only very interested in your views on US economy!!! Can you start a thread on that topic and post your views on it and why. I would like to read about your views on that very much to say the least. thank you.

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