Anyone else hear of this?

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  • Fisherman

    Thanks for the link, Listener🙂

  • prologos

    the letter is quite extraordinary, in that it outlines procedures to follow at the airport, in the field service, in anticipation of trouble, but why spread that information openly into thousands of congregations? an adventure travel experience?

  • Tahoe

    I will find out more information this weekend.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Listener, your link is a gem...the article says that J's Witnesses have a "sordid" history and then proceeds to back it up with detailed accounts of their outrageous misanthropy.

    This document should be handed out to all prospective JWs but of course especially to Jews.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    preaching about jehovah in Israel--? err--didnt they invent him in the first place ?

  • redpilltwice

    Yadlachim is an intriguing website, been reading it since a year or so. Don't mess with these guys!

    I mean, they manage to free and convert female jews, who have been trapped in Arabian marriages, back to Judaism...let alone to disrupt evangelical activities by Mormons, Evangelicals, JW's... whatever. Does the last picture in below's article look familiar?

    J's Witnesses Strike Again in Door-to-Door Campaign

    J's Witness missionaries proceed to their next target.

    J's Witnesses are conducting an Israel-wide campaign, knocking on doors and asking homeowners to allow them in for a discussion on "the meaning of life."

    So far, Yad L'Achim activists have encountered these missionaries in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rechovot, Bat Yam, Holon, Yehud, Netanya, Yokneam and Teverya Illit, but the list of cities grows as the anti-missionary organization's hotline continues to receive new complaints every day. The callers, Jews from across the religious spectrum, are outraged to have their homes violated by J's Witnesses. [bold mine]

    Others weren't home when the missionaries called but were accosted by the spiritually poisonous material left at their doorsteps, signaling the campaign's intense desire to reach as many Jews as possible.

    Based on eyewitness reports from the field, the missionaries arrive in teams of three, comprising two foreigners and one Hebrew-speaker. They also frequent shopping centers and other crowded areas, loading up stands with missionary material that they distribute to passersby.

    Yad L'Achim, which beefed up its manpower in advance of the campaign, dispatches activists in response to every call that comes in on the hot line. The activists canvass the neighborhood, warning residents to be on the alert for the missionaries. Before long, the missionaries give up and move on, realizing that they've been found out.

    This week, Yad L'Achim stepped up its campaign, putting up billboards in cities around the country, distributing flyers and placing advertisements warning residents of the missionaries' efforts. Flyers titled "You've Been Targeted," in Hebrew and Russian, warn residents of the missionary campaign being conducted in their area and call on them not to be lured by the sweet-talking missionaries. They are urged to immediately notify the Yad L'Achim hotline of any approaches.

    Yad L'Achim's field coordinator, Harav Binyamin Vulcan, said that activists are heartened to see, once again, the extent to which Jewish hearts pound strong among Israelis of all stripes, and the appreciation they feel toward Yad L'Achim for its efforts to protect Am Yisrael from spiritual enemies.

    "You've Been Targeted."
    Yad L'Achim flyers, in Hebrew and Russian, warn local residents of missionaries in their midst.
    Click here to view the fllyer

    Missionary material at a shopping center – free for the taking

  • DJS

    I'm confused. If they are trying to preach the truth in Israel, isn't that a good thing?

  • Vidiot

    Can't shake the feeling that this'll come back and bite 'em on the ass.

  • David_Jay

    While I cannot confirm or deny that they are doing this (and it wouldn't surprise me), the problem of proselytizing Jews is one that groups like the Jehovah's Witnesses don't seem to comprehend.

    It's not that one cannot proselytize in Israel, it is that the groups that do enforce a membership that generally demands that Jews abandon their culture. That is the real problem.

    Jews differ considerably regarding convictions, even how they practice things religiously. And this is not merely from between groups of sects, mind you. Judaism at its core allows for and encourages a lot of personal autonomy...yes, even among the most Orthodox. There is no central Jewish doctrinal governing body, and adhering to particular beliefs in order to have membership in order to merely belong is not a real tenet of Judaism.

    The current nation of Israel is definitely a response to what led up to the Shoah (Holocaust). Regardless of our religious affiliations, the Jews as a people were being destroyed, their culture, traditions, and even language. My mother tongue, Ladino, was the most widely spoken language among Jews in the 20th century...until the Holocaust. In about 6 or 7 years almost 100% of European Ladino speakers were simply erased from the planet. My language is practically extinct, as a result. Since my name sounds Spanish, you would be surprised how many people assume I am Mexican or Cuban and are surprised learn I am Israeli. Ladino went from everywhere to nowhere, and the world took no notice until it was gone.

    Israel now exists to prevent things like Ladino disappearing from ever happening again. It's not just a religion thing we are trying to protect. We are not all members of Judaism. We are not all theists. Some of us are even Christian (Judeo-Christians, the real thing and not Messianic Jews, still exist)! Regardless of our religion, we still share a lot more in common.

    When religions like the Jehovah's Witnesses come around they demand that we cut our hair and shave off our beards and abandon our dress. We have to stop praying with head coverings, stop chanting our prayers, reject our holy days, and in many cases stop using our languages or at least change the meaning behind our words to fit theirs.

    You destroy a people by destroying it's culture. Sure, the Jewish culture has changed, even in Israel. Even religiously the fastest growing movement is now the post-denominational, post-rabbinical Judaism (which I belong to). The face of Jewry is changing, but on its own terms. It still preserves what we decide it must preserve. But religions like the Jehovah's Witnesses demand far more than doctrinal change. They demand we become one of them.

    Ever see all those happy Jews dancing around wearing Jewish clothing and eating a traditional Jewish meal in those illustrations of Paradise in Watchtower publications? No, you don't. Because Jehovah's Witnesses teach that our culture, our Jewish world is to be destroyed at Armageddon, a culture not destined to survive into their long-preached version of the New World.

    This is a problem. JWs see their conformity, their uniformity as a demand of adopting their "true religion." Jews see it as smacking too closely to the views of another group that once promised a new world order that painted similar pictures of white Gentiles in Western dress enjoying life in a paradise.

    While wanting to ensure freedom of religion in Israel, at the same time the government of Israel and its people don't welcome the demands of their doctrine that demand conformity. Yes, our culture is based on Torah, so yes, it is Jewish. Even atheist Jews may light a menorah on Chanukah and celebrate Passover because it's about more than just religion. These things and customs and days are about us as a people.

    Ask any Jehovah's Witness if a Jewish convert can still celebrate Chanukah or Passover and I promise you, that concert will not be as free as a Jewish atheist is to preserve and honor their rich cultural traditions.

  • Vidiot
    David_Jay - "...Jews see it as smacking too closely to the views of another group that once promised a new world order..."

    Not unfairly, either, in my opinion.

    Even authoritarians who end up on opposite sides often have more in common than not.

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