Anyone else hear of this?

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  • Tahoe
    A JW family member informed me they are filling out an application to preach the truth in Israel. Interested ones in the congregation were asked to start saving now, as the cost of the flights would be their own responsibility.
    The time frame for this preaching work is for a couple of weeks in May/June 2017. The applications are to be turned in this Sunday.

    It's supposed to be a big secret for some reason.

  • baker

    Maybe just a nice vacation...

  • prologos


  • Steel

    For decades evangelicals have taught the ends days would come with some kind of Muslim Russian alliance would be forming to attack Israel. God protection depends on them turning to Christ.

    With the recent events in the middle east and the Russians in Syria it has been a wonderful recruiting tool for the evangelical church. There is all kinds of mission work in Israel right now.

    Not too be outdone the Wts has get over to convert them all so when Muslims Attack, it is an attack gods real christians , not the dirty jews.

    When you invent a theology that basically replaces the jews with membership in the Wts. Well it's easier to try and convert an entire country than have the governing body admit they might have fucked up.

    I think the average Israeli thinks the whole thing is an incredible nuisance.

    I have had two ubers in our congregation go over. Literally two of the stupidest people you could ever meet.

  • hoser

    They read a letter this weeks clam meeting.

    It is an opportunity to show just how "spiritual" you really are.

    They had a similar campaign recently.

    I never went because I'm not very "spiritual"

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    We don't want to let Satan know we're on to his Evil Plans!

  • tepidpoultry

    Sounds fishy to me as Watchtower has been promoting price inflated

    junkets to conventions etc for decades,

    A real privilege to go lol

    It's been a real cash cow,

    We were admonished NOT to make our own arrangements which we could make for a fraction of the cost so,

    Make your own travel arrangements and Watch Tower doesn't get their cut?

    Sounds out of character


  • WTWizard

    Start saving now. How? I thought they wanted everyone to donate all "excess" funds to the Worldwide Damnation Fund, and cut way back on secular work to prevent them from ever rebuilding funds again. Then, you have extra expenses. Computers cost money, and if you have Windows 10, you are going to spend more on apps that used to come with Windows 7 and 8, and even Vista and XP. Air time costs money, as does data on most plans. Internet service itself is expensive if you want decent bandwidth. That eats up Israel mission money.

    And for what? Israel is the worst nation I could think of visiting for such a mission. They had plenty of issues with nearby nations, and all it takes is one good rocket launch to land in Tel Aviv to strand you. It is also illegal to proselytize to minors in Israel. They have had a recent building collapse in Tel Aviv for bad engineering. It also gets plenty hot and muggy in Israel in May and June, and Tel Aviv can get very muggy. And try preaching door to door in Jerusalem--particularly the Mea Shearim region. I wouldn't even want to enter that area--let alone preaching door to door there.

    In addition, there is high risk of a financial collapse without final warning. They will do all they can to make this sound as ridiculous as possible--Dow at record highs, gold and silver at new recent lows. This is a show, and there is a high risk that the Fed will simply pull the rug out with no warning. Currently, Neptune is stationing direct in 9 Pisces, a bad sign for the dollar, and will not leave that degree until January. Start saving now, watch the dollar become toilet paper, and there goes the trip. India is already experiencing this, with a ban (not just discontinuation, a ban) on decent sized bank notes.

    As if that wasn't enough, what happens if the dollar becomes toilet paper or our US Federal Reserve Toilet Paper Notes are banned? And the banks declare a banking holiday, preventing access to your account while they can drain the wealth out of it? If that happens while you are doing this worthless damnation work to help joke-hova enslave the whole human race, you will probably be stuck in Tel Aviv and unable to leave that disgrace of a country. So you think it's fun? I remember thinking extremely loud music (at a disco, at 120 dB) was fun--for about 10 minutes. Being stuck in Tel Aviv might be fun for a week or so, and then you will wish you were back home.

    I can think of other worthwhile cities to take a two week vacation in. Europe might not be as great as it once was because of the "refugees(??)" wrecking that continent, but even that is not as bad as Tel Aviv. Hong Kong, Singapore, Auckland, Sydney, Perth, Dublin (Ireland), Toronto, Tokyo, Buenos Ares (Argentina), and parts of Europe along the Mediterranean are all better. Just be advised that Saturn is still in Sagittarius until the end of 2017, which might be adverse for long distance travel.

    And it will also bode poorly for a mission in Israel. Saturn was in Sagittarius during the 2015 debacle, and returned briefly to Scorpio in June of that year. It is in Sagittarius now, and will remain there in May and June 2017. I thought they would be smart enough, at the top, to wait until 2018 and expect most jokehovians to make the time to go during the spring of 2018 with Saturn in Capricorn. And pay for it with silver, that they themselves are responsible for despite houndings against investing in silver.

  • Fisherman

    The Jews enjoy religious freedom in the US and have been migrating to the US to seek assylum on the basis of religious freedom and are accepted with open arms to practice their religion (same as everyone else) however they like under the protection of US laws and government.

    It would be a mockery of the Israeli government. The US and it's allies would be outraged if Israel did not protect US citizens and extend to them reciprocity of the same freedom of religion all Jews enjoy in the US and in other "free" nations -Not because they are (hated)JW but because they are Americans. If these rumors turn out to be true, I would be very interested to see how this religious card game plays out in "Israel", (the people having no Shomer but Caesar)and what trumps. It seems to me that Israel is going to allow Americans to practice their religion with open arms and so are the Jews in all neighborhood there.

  • Listener

    They did have trouble at their 2015 Convention which was initially cancelled.

    Regardless of whether the Government allows them to freely practice, it appears that the Jews do not like them. The Watchtower may think that it's past is of no consequence but it's not forgotten with the Jews.

    Here is an article that looks like it may have been written a few years ago and given the numbers that protested at their 2015 Convention this may explain why.

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