Anyone else hear of this?

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  • Steel

    I sure think it's real greasy to go to another country that's sole survival depends on its military and having an armed civilian population and preach their nonsense. Many a time in the nation of Israel a terrorist on a rampage has been stopped by an armed civilian. Israelis live the life American right wing gun nuts wish they had.

    How would you feel if you converted someone and later went back to Canada or the UK and later they were butchered in a terrorist attack with no means or skills to protect themselves.

  • steve2

    the letter is quite extraordinary, in that it outlines procedures to follow at the airport, in the field service, in anticipation of trouble, but why spread that information openly into thousands of congregations? an adventure travel experience?

    To build a strong sense of sensationalism which JWs thrive on, especially conveying that "only" a select few will be chosen. Humans are suckers for a sense that they could be missing out on something special.

  • darkspilver

    They had a similar campaign recently.

    Yes, and it was over-subscribed then - too many wanted to go! So it's obviously a popular choice....

    Letter 9 October 2014 -Re: Special preaching campaign in Israel

    Letter 1 November 2014 - Re: Special preaching campaign in Israel

  • Fisherman

    It is not fair for the Jews that JW enjoy freedom of religion because they don't like it. Watch and see what trumps.

  • Fisherman

    In the US, decades ago, to think of one Jewish group (orthodoxy leadership was one of them) committed outrageous violent crimes against JW including their females (Imagine that!) Fiat from Bethel was to forgive and not to take legal action by individual JW harmed by the thugs. As it turned out, the leader of the group wound up murdered and the group was sterilized -just to mention part of the consequences of what the fate if a thug turns out to be.

  • Steel

    The interest in Israel is based of there new understanding of mog and magog.

    The bigger problem is the end times chronology they have preached for decades isn't even coming close to coming true.

    No problem, let's just steal everyone else's ideas.

  • Fisherman
    end times chronology they have preached for decades isn't even coming close to coming true.

    Only that 'generation' is loosing all meaning. But looking at the historical pattern of when family demisses and sexual depravity based on Biblical standards is the social norm, doom can be expected.

  • wannaexit

    They read the letter last week. The stress was that Israel is very safe and sisters are encouraged to apply. They want witnesses to go for 2 weeks or more. They did it last year and it appears that this is going to be a yearly campaign.

    The dubs are lapping it up and many , even ones that don't have 2 stones to rub together will be be going. They call it going where the "need is great" but I think it "going where the need is FUN".

  • OrphanCrow
    wannaexit: They call it going where the "need is great" ...

    Heehee...there is likely some prime property the WT wants to target over there with a harassment campaign. JW witnessing is good for bringing down real estate values. Jus' sayin'...

  • Fisherman

    And if anyone takes a chance and dares to fly on an airplane, the only airline that I feel safe flying with is "EL AL"

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