Anybody here still believe in the bible?

by Mel Morris 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • ttdtt

    No - and I am soooooo embarrassed I ever did believe it. :(

  • carla

    If pointing out wt flaws, false prophecies, dangerous doctrines, etc.. is considered 'bashing' then your mind is already closed to any discussions.

  • humbled
    Ttings aren't that cut and dry, i'm actually called "The Borean" in my congregation because I dabble a bit in ancient Hebrew, and I own a strong's concordance and various extra-biblical/historical resources.

    You say you aren’t wise enough to make it on your own without religion? Our discovery is that it is less desirable to follow blind men than to fall down on our own.

    l reposted your comments. You clearly did not respond to mine. You may not care to. But my own earnest concern for truth and honesty took me away from religion which ultimately is pleased to see followers seem to read scripture as long as they do not think “independently “.

    So you effectively are to follow men but do not try to follow Jesus.

  • TD

    Upon reading the intro to this site, I got the impression that some would be believers, not strictly witnesses, but perhaps had other views...

    It sounds to me like you are looking for a liberal minded JW to talk to. --Someone who shares your a priori assumptions about the Bible while still being able to reason for themselves.

    Twenty years ago, the internet was full of such people, but unfortunately, they are becoming a rare breed.

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    Hi Mel, I don't believe that Bible is from God, but I believe it was written by smart people and the book is great. Obviously not every part as the world have changed. Have a look at my book 'If Only', Chapter V second half. I think it will be interesting for you. Even though my book is not about religion I have an ex JW character and I wrote her thoughts in that chapter. My book is not banned by JW and I am not DFed. Here is the link

    Hopefully this information will be helpful for you

  • Mel Morris
    Mel Morris


    I know that not everything is Kosher in the Watchtower society, hence it's the reason why I am still searching for truth. I don't want my ears tickled, and thanks for being open and honest about how you see things. Through my personal experiences and research I've found the societies teachings closest to the foundational teachings and beliefs of the early apostles and the christian congregation. Hellfire, paradise, and the trinity doctrines, for example, in my estimation, separate the society from mainstream Christianity. However, there are a few teachings, some would even call "errors of operation" that impact the societies teachings. Even speaking openly about these things has helped me to assess what steps I need to take and has actually helped me to define what help that I need. Thanks again.

  • cofty
    Through my personal experiences and research I've found the societies teachings closest to the foundational teachings and beliefs of the early apostles and the christian congregation.

    The most foundational doctrine of the early church involved their relationship with Jesus.

    I agree that the Trinity is a post-biblical development but The Watchtower's view of Jesus is radically different from that of the Apostles.

    Jehovah's Witnesses View of Jesus Compared to the Early Church...

    Conclusion from above link - In view of this sample of texts quoted above, it would seem reasonable to say that Jehovah's Witnesses do not speak about Jesus in the same manner as early Christians did. The apostles described themselves as witnesses of Jesus, they called him their only owner and Lord, and the one to whom they belonged. They were baptised in his name, led by his Spirit, rejoiced in his blessing and overflowed with praise for him. All of these statements are incompatible with the beliefs and practice of Jehovah's Witnesses. Even if an individual Witness may feel comfortable with such expressions they could never voice such sentiments in the hearing of others. There can be no doubt that if a Jehovah's Witness were to go back to a meeting of early Christians they would feel profoundly out of place.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    Hi Mel,

    I'm an active JW, Have been all my life. I still believe in a number of core JW beliefs but there are a number of them that I struggle with today. I have a circle of JW friends in my area with the same issue. We can talk openly with each other but not with the congregation. Private Message me if you'd like. If I don't know the answer to one of your questions I can ask one of these friends of mine about it.

  • TheWonderofYou

    I think that mostly my mother and stories about Jesus had more influence in education and developing my" conscience " than selected parts of the bible that are only confusing.. My motto is "my conscience first". A benefit in bible reading is hardly easy to achieve and can lead to completely false assumptions. The Bible as heritage yes but not as basis of dressing code, hairstyle, sexual habit regulation but as as remainder of 10 comnandments: to value life and people, respect of property, partnerships, parents and nature, to respect the limits that are not to be transgressed, values which however are the same in all cultures, even the "nations" know of them as the bible tells.

    Reading bible is basically loss of lifetime because the kingdom will come .... anyway... automatically according to Jesus, we can't speed it up by reading. And also the result of reading bible is that you then realise at a certain moment that you know not much more than before only that got into difficult symbolism and phrases that you not understand without special language training cause it's full of oriental metaphors.

    But hey read the Song of songs and imagine how a sulamith girl stands in a park and you are a king receiving her full adoration, and make your own conclusions if you like.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Again, I don't know if this is the right site, but I'd be open to talking with anyone with an objective and spiritual mind.

    Mel, I try to be objective as possible, but like everyone else on the planet subjectivity run strong in my thinking. So my objectivity may not be 100 % but I see where you are coming from(subjectively of course). As far as spiritual I try to keep an open mind but not so open my brains fall out

    I'm interested in after life discussion as some of the threads I started recently shows. I'm trying to give some meaning to my life as yet I can't put my finger on it or what is the meaning of life, perhaps that is the biggest question we face. I was a serious Watchtower bible student for about about 30 years 18-48, held on to my belief in the bible for about 4 years after leaving their grip, eventually I had to give up belief in the bible and explore other lines of thought.

    Let me just say in conclusion I think it is great that you stumble on this site please look up different stuff on this site about topics you are interested in you might find something of benefit and by all means keep doing research about the WT organization.

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