Anybody here still believe in the bible?

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  • Giordano

    Pertaining to the study of Doctrine:

    "There are two ways that a religion develops its doctrines - eisegesis and exegesis. Eisegesis is where scriptures are found to support a pre-existing belief, resulting in inaccurate doctrine and the possibility of any number of interpretations.

    A more respected approach is to arrive at doctrinal understanding through exegesis. Let a passage explain itself in its literary context, doing so in line with its relationship to other Biblical passages and parallel literature of the period. To understand Scripture, consider what it meant to the person making the statement and what it conveyed to the person spoken to, in line with what they already knew from other Scriptures, the point made at the time and the prevailing culture.

    A large portion of Watchtower doctrine comes from an Eisegesis approach. An Eisegesis approach and resultant inaccuracies can be quickly identified in significant and defining doctrine.

    • Only 144,000 are anointed and go to heaven
    • All not associated with the Watchtower Society will be destroyed at Armageddon
    • Use of the word Jehovah is an important part of worship
    • Normal behaviour, such as birthdays or belief in the cross is ungodly
    • Shunning of former members
    • Refusing to use blood
    • That the Last Days started in 1914

    When a Scripture disagrees with Watchtower doctrine, it is regularly dismissed as being figurative."

  • Perry

    Hi Mel! Welcome.

    I recommend you do your own research.

    Atheists have actually helped me greatly to realize the amazing coherency of the bible, researching their objections.. I don't know where I'd be without them. So, I guess I'm saying to not be too quick to overlook "apostates". They provide a valuable function for believers, as they also did in the first few centuries after Christ, as they provoked an avalanche of writings by the students of the apostles. (Early Church Fathers)

    Most, but not all posters on this site are atheist. I have never found an objection that I didn't also find a satisfying answer.

    Here are the best Christian defense sites that I have found after 17 years of interaction on this forum.

    Got Questions

    Christian Think Tank


    Happy Trails!

  • TD

    I have to admit that you've piqued my curiosity a bit, Mel

    This thread:

    I'm a current bible student of JW's looking to chat with someone about biblical doctrine.

    The beard thread:

    There are several brothers that wear beards in my congregation, I did for many years before I decided to shave it in order to receive future privileges.

    Maybe there's something I'm not understanding here....

    Don't you have to be a baptized JW in "good standing" to even be considered for "privileges?"

    Don't "privileges" require an understanding of JW doctrine beyond that of a beginner?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm interested in the bible as an ancient collection of books by two Christian factions the Catholic Church and the Protestant movement with the Catholic version having a few more accepted books.

    My beliefs in/about the bible:

    I'm interested in it for what it tells us about man's views back thousands of years ago. I think if anybody is sincere about digging deeply into the bible he needs to drop personal biases of preconceived religious indoctrination, for only then can one hope to go deep.

    If one goes into a study of the bible with the preconceived notion that every book in the bible is inspired by a supreme being and therefore has only one author and that is God, well I would have to be honest and say : 'you are only making a tiny scratch on the surface and not going deep'. Don't limit yourself to the WT publications in your effort to dig deeply into the bible for then you will only get a very childish/self serving explanation that is used to keep members under their control and begging for more(sorry for the little WT bashing I just had to say it because it's true).

    I like Carl Jung's :Answer To Job.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Oh I just thought that since you are interested in the bible here is a site that has a vast collection of ancient holly books related to the bible:

  • Betheliesalot

    Mel, hello??? gone??? adios, mel , mel

  • Whynot

    Since the Bible was written for Jews I have found that it's better understood when studied through their knowledge. Look for the intended meaning by researching the culture of those days. It makes it more meaningful.

    And don't be afraid of looking up non-canonical books.

    For deeper study I like this blog

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I believe in that, a long time ago, the bible was written over hundreds of years, by several different people who tried their best to create a narrative. It has had a direct impact on world history and still heavily influence the lives of many people today. In that regards, I do believe this book to be important and should be read.

    Now do I believe that it is the word of God? No.

  • truthwillsetyoufree

    Hi Mel, I would love the opportunity to discuss bible teachings and doctrine with you. Please private message me with any questions you have


  • Mel Morris
    Mel Morris

    Upon reading the intro to this site, I got the impression that some would be believers, not strictly witnesses, but perhaps had other views. I'm not disregarding apostates, I simply know where they are coming from for the most part, and we don't have similar trajectory or experiences, so it wouldn't make sense to talk with one. I used to debate Atheists and trinitarians before I studied with witnesses so much of their ideology I'm familiar with and I don't see the point in rehashing things that I've moved beyond. From watching various youtube videos, I've realized that many are personally hurt, emotionally scarred, or disgruntled with the organization for either personal or doctrinal reasons. That's their life, and they can do with it what they please. I'm actually looking for a Christian organization to become a part of, so maybe I came to the wrong place, which is fine, but I've done years of personal research and its come to the point where I have to decide which direction I should take. There's no such thing as a perfect organization, and in my estimation, I can't be truly happy living according to the whims and desires of my heart and mind, without falling on my face because of my lack of wisdom. I consider myself a spiritual person, so of course spiritual things, conversations, and people are what I enjoy the most.

    To answer TD's question. Things aren't that cut and dry, i'm actually called "The Borean" in my congregation because I dabble a bit in ancient Hebrew, and I own a strong's concordance and various extra-biblical/historical resources. It's true that for things like running the microphone or becoming an attendant you have to be baptized in good standing, and of course the elders in my congregation expect me to be both, based on my answers, conduct, and effort in the ministry. However, as I suggested, I was told by an elder that if I wanted privileges (future was the key word there) as a baptized brother, I'd have to shave...that was basically his message. I do understand JW doctrine, and that's where the problem lies. In my opinion they have many things right, but they have a few things wrong, and some of these few things could possible be disastrous, but I have to explore the implications of these things with someone other than myself because as anyone knows who does diligent study, we can have tunnel vision or biases that we aren't fully aware of.

    Again, I don't know if this is the right site, but I'd be open to talking with anyone with an objective and spiritual mind.

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