No Kingdom Halls would definitely work!

by John Aquila 35 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Sabin
    I don't know every bodies personal stories, but I do know that most of us on this forum once believed everything the GB told us. What could be more far fetched than that?
  • JWdaughter

    I think it is pretty plausible and probably the exact reason that the WT, like other oppressive regimes, prefers that folks don't gather together in groups that they don't control from start to finish.

  • Athanasius

    Though I'm a bit skeptical about the OP's experience, when alcohol flows I've even seen COs do stupid things. But if it was a small group of JWs who actually trusted each other, it's possible that they would be more open in their discussion.

    Of course in this situationif someone tattled, the others could excuse themselves by claiming they didn't realize that they had drunk so much, and blame it on the booze.

  • NewYork44M
    Alcohol is such a wonderful lubricant. Great story!
  • LisaRose
    It's just people sitting around stating what they think might happen, I don't think it's all that unbelievable people would be in favor of no meetings. I think most people hate the meetings, they just are afraid to admit it. I don't think it will ever happen though because the Watchtower needs the meetings to control people's time and keep them brainwashed.
  • SnakesInTheTower

    I had a public talk I used to give as an elder, don't remember the topic, but I admitted, from the platform, hating FS, and I was a regular pioneer, elder, MTS grad...LOL.

    Always generated alot of honest conversation at lunch with the group afterwards. I even said $hit like that on away to watch elders eyes bug out...though if I liked the PO, I might, MIGHT, give him a heads up. I gave a lot of away talks, oddly I was asked back, despite the off outline editorials....

    So, I believe the OP's happens.


  • Dunedain

    The GB/WTS would NEVER allow meetings to stop, and face to face contact with the R&F. In short, they are probably going to continue to "ramp" up the website and videos, but will never go COMPLETELY digital in that respect.

    One of their popular scriptures is always about true christians must "gather together", otherwise the "lone" person will seek his "own selfish desires". They are afraid of "splinter groups", and most of all, loosing control.

    We all know this ORG is about "levels of sprituality". Its is true that its based on "titles", like Elder, MS, Pioneer, and publisher, which could exist in a completely "digital" setting, BUT, those "titles" are granted, based on meeting attendence, hours in service, and SEEING these persons in service, answering at meetings, giving public talks, a persons conduct, and their dress, and of course, many, many other factors that are based on physically "seeing" the R&F.

    None of these things, which in this cult are used to measure someones "spirituality", can be measured from behind a computer. Even the GB knows that they couldnt use a person being "logged in", as meeting attendance, because the "sheep" would just log in, and then go in another room and watch a rated R movie, lol.

    In a "high control cult", which the WTS is, it cant exist without them "meeting together", physically, so that the Gestapos in charge can "police" the flock. It is as "deep", and as "simple" as this, all in one.

  • Vidiot

    John, I love ya, man...

    ...but I'm kinda having a hard time with this one; it just sounds almost too good to be true.


    That being said... would dovetail with what some of us have heard... that maybe 70-80% of the R&F privately wish things were different and/or they could leave.

    "Mainstream" moves like that would make fading a lot easier, and they majority of them would have to be aware of that on some level, even if no one would admit it out loud.

  • sir82

    it just sounds almost too good to be true.

    A common occurrence with John's posts.....

  • WingCommander

    You know, there was this guy on the "Ex-JW Group 3" on Facebook, and he was telling all these whooper stories as well. I mean real yarns! Everyone caught on soon enough, and I haven't seen him a quite a while. Now, I know where he went; - HERE!

    There is no way in hell this happened. Maybe between a group of say (5) very close friends, out in on a camping trip or in a private house after a few drinks, but no way in hell was this a large multi-generational age group.

    I agree with Slimfatboy, the last story was a real stretch, this one for sure is BS. This is total wishful thinking on the OP's part.

    Reason: Especially with Elders and/or Pioneers being present, the air of paranoia is absolutely rampant and toxic in the Org right now, and anyone even remotely seen as not towing the company line is reported for apostasy and/or "Brazen Conduct."

    John, how freakin' dumb and gullible do you think we are? We're not JW's anymore, that level of "stupid" doesn't exist in my body anymore.

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