No Kingdom Halls would definitely work!

by John Aquila 35 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble
    This shows that if the GB were to bring in a sugar-coated manner...most would buy into it - hook, line & sinker
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    John, I so love your stories but the vast majority of them ping my BS meter. I don't know why someone would make up crazy stories like this but I have a hard time believing them. If this is real. WOW!!! If it's fake, you should begin writing novels because you have one hell of an imagination.

    Ig. I understand the skepticism, no problem, it doesn't bother me. When I finally woke up I never believed anyone or anything. But eventually I got over that. People can believe or not believe. It's not going to hurt them if they don't believe, and it's not going to hurt me either. I just relate the stories as they happen to me.I'm sure others have experience the same thing.
    As far as writing novels, I don't believe my experience of a small group of jws who voice their opinions of what they wish would change in the WT is that great of an imagination. In fact,I don't think any of my experiences are that great. It's just normal human experience when you still have plenty of contact with JWs, and nothing to shout about.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    Brokeback Watchtower

    One nice thing about going completely digital would be you could miss meeting or watch them when you got the time soon everyone will not even watch them as they have no elders to police them and then the so called truth will fade into obscurity.

    If I was still in the organization and this change came about, I would definitely go for it. I could still live in my fantasy world of living forever and not worry about getting disfellowsipped or taking blood. Plus I could keep all my friends. What more can a JW ask for?

    I would definitely buy into it - hook, line & sinker

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    The most important question is: How much beer did you consume?.. be honest
  • Gayle

    really shows the cult "group control mentality" of JWs. They never go along with 'other' (non-jws) groups, but totally follow the group among JWs.

    The "group" mentality control really works for the WT org. Though now I wonder when some to most goes digital, not in a closed room environment with devout JWs, what will happen to the mind control tactics of WT? These videos or sorts, ones maybe will be able to push "pause," or not, run to bathroom, fix something to eat, take a phone call? then, tired, fall asleep on the nearby couch. All that will break the dulling mind hypnosis.

  • hybridous
    Interesting OP,

    I presume that the one major obstacle to overcome would be the 'hardliners' in the ORG that would balk at the potential loss of control.

    Reformers gotta figure out how to frame the narrative. Hardliners actually could be costing the ORG money and threatening its survivability. Hardliners 'out' for the sake of God's Organization. It's all in the presentation.
  • dubstepped
    Man, I so want to believe you and used to tell my wife about many of your stories, but this plus the secret large group of ex-elders and pioneers and such that hold their own meetings on occasion just make me wonder. Either you are totally full of it or you are from an area with much more liberal dubs than I've ever seen. I know that not all dubs are wound as tightly as the ones I've been around in the Midwest (USA), which tends to be a very conservative region of the country whether dub or not. You've got to admit though, your latest stories have been pretty hard to believe for many of us because they're not reflective of anything most of us have ever seen.
  • JW_Rogue
    This story doesn't sound real to me, I can't imagine an Elder saying that JWs should get rid of DFing. To the main point though I think that they will always try to have meetings of some sort. Without those they would quickly lose control of the congregations and people would split off into little groups. It would also make it really easy to just fade out of the religion and stop donating. I could see live streaming of talks from Bethel though so there wouldn't be the need for as many public speakers. I can see the door to door work being replaced, perhaps with paid advertising online, then JWs would just have to follow up on any local leads and offer a study. Of course they would have to donate more for the advertising campaigns, maybe a special fund like the GAA and TOAA.
  • slimboyfat

    I was already sceptical about the last yarn. I gave it 20% chance of being true. This one's actually more believable than the first in some ways, but the combination somehow detracts from both. So I give it 15%.

    Having said that stories don't have to be true to be interesting. You raise some interesting points anyway. And the reasons why your stories don't ring ring true are instructive. JWs would find it very hard to behave in the ways you describe, because there is just not the trust or openness there to make it possible. When we experience doubts in the JWs we long for the openness and the kinds of conversations you describe. It's just not there.

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Sorry slim. Accidental dislike.

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