If a year is really 365 1/4 days why 360 days to calculate 1914

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  • OnTheWayOut

    OH, and if Watchtower needs to do so, they will come out with new light that a Bible year is 365 days or even adding in the Leap Year days if need be. Or they can add in the 13th month stuff.

    They already made the 1975 stuff up when they needed to build a whole new empire with new printing presses. They made up the overlapping generation stuff. They will make up some new crazy nonsense in the distant (or not so distant) future when they need to. They will just vote on it, and God will contact 2/3rds of the Governing Body.

  • stuckinarut2

    The sad reality is that 99% of witnesses don't actually think this deeply, nor care less about the facts...

    They just believe whatever the "current" truths are as told by the GB....

    Why let facts and logic get in the way of blind obedience!?

  • konceptual99

    The irony to me is that God is such a "God of order, not of disorder" that he insists on numerous minute details in organisational policy like only staying in org approved hotels for an assembly yet could not organise the solar system so that the relationship between the rotation of the earth, the orbit of the moon around the sun and the orbit of the earth around the sun was something that would fit naturally together for humans so they could easily understand time.

    Us humans have modified things like monetary systems to make them easier to use so why the hell could he not do the same with the the sun, earth and moon to make this stuff just a little bit easier for us to comprehend?

  • Bobcat

    Here is a thread I started that uses a little different line of reasoning to debunk the importance of 1914.

  • Finkelstein

    360 days is not equivalent to a lunar year either which was predominately used by the ancient Hebrews.

    I guess it was assumed by Russell's theology and Rutherford that 360 rounded off the calculation to a approximate number.

    There is little question or doubt that Russell and Rutherford were corrupt Charlatans selling literature.

  • stillin

    So, as a poster here pointed out, it's as though they shot an arrow and then drew a target around where the arrow hit.

    Discreetly, of course.

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  • Simon

    They had the "answer", they just had to work backwards to come up with something that gave it.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    *** it-1 p. 135 Appointed Times of the Nations ***
    The duration of a year as so used is indicated to be 360 days, inasmuch as three and a half times are shown to equal “a thousand two hundred and sixty days” at Revelation 12:6, 14
    Seven times,” according to this count, would equal 2,520 days.

    So, 2520 / 360 = 7

    607 to 1 ce = 607 x 365 = 221,555 days

    1- 1914 = 1913 x 365 = 698,245 days

    Add these ‘days together = 919,800 days

    Divide this by the 360 days /360 prophetic days/ years

    2,555 days (you get wrong #)

    It doesn’t work

    Or 919,800 / 365 = 2,520…. It comes out right! Wow!

    WT uses the 360 prophetic days to get the 2520, but SWITCHES to using our current 365 calendar days in the middle of the equation to get 1914!!!

    Ok, so take the 2,520 days, and divide it by 365, the method of determining years we use now

    2520 / 365 = 6.90 times not seven times like Daniel said

  • stillin

    When the Bible touches onto scientific matters it is always accurate.

    Perhaps our estimate of what a year actually is needs an adjustment.

    Nope, dividing 2520 by 365 1/4 puts us even further from 7 times.

    Yeah, but, when the Bible touches onto scientific matters...


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