8 Year Old Can Decide If They Are Transgendered

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  • minimus

    So says Joe Biden.

    ANYBODY agree with this??

  • mickbobcat

    Only if one needs to see the wizard to get a brain. Hell not. An 8yo can not enter into a contract or make medical decisions for themselves. The left has lost its mind and went so far down the rabbit hole is not possible IMO for them to ever get back to reality.

  • cofty

    It's child abuse.

    It's also an avalanche of lawsuits for the future.

    Google 'rapid onset gender dysphoria'.

  • minimus

    Wait til puberty hits!

    I know of a man who’s 14 year old boy was questioning his sexuality. The school found about it and actively pursued arranging meetings with other kids also questioning their sexuality. The mom was all for it while the dad was not . He felt it could be that he was confused and perhaps he needed time. The school pushed that his son get involved with a support group. Within months he was dressing sometimes as a female. The dad was just upset. He told me he would love his son no matter what. I felt bad for everyone involved.

  • MeanMrMustard

    It’s all rainbows and compassion until the kids commit suicide.

  • Clarkey

    The underlining point in doing this "at a proper age" is to resolve the social problem of sexual identity and the attached social hatred and prejudice which it has caused in the past.

    We are not cut and created out the same genetics, people should be made to accept that.

    One way to stop prejudice and hatred involving people who are LGBT is educating are youth in the high school age as human sexuality starts to develop.

    Teach are children well so are fathers hatred will blow by.

  • minimus

    Then it is society’s fault because people were not compassionate and understanding toward the teen.

  • Clarkey

    Yes Min, add to the fact of not being educated on the matter.

    Also one shouldn't expect religions devised thousands of years ago to be educated upon human sexuality.

  • minimus

    Clarkey I was being facetious. This isn’t society’s fault.

  • Simon

    Biden is a sick idiot. Is there anyone on the left who doesn't want to fuck children in one way or another?

    Throw a brick at an Antifa mob and it's pretty guaranteed you'll hit a pedophile.

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