I almost died laughing at the meeting last night. OMG WTF is going on? Have I been away this long?

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  • macys

    Ok so most of you guys know already that I am going through the reinstatement process for my parents but I do have a partially sinister plan which I will not mention here since someone told me that there are b-lites that read boards like this.

    Anyways, I went to the C.L.A.M. last night and it was the funniest experience I have ever seen. Besides that the brother doing the sound and video screwed up the whole thing when showing the videos and it took 3 brothers to fix it after 10 minutes, the whole thing was a joke. Once they got the videos to work, I was expecting real like videos, not silhouettes!

    I was thinking this was nothing but another cost savings move. Why? Because doing the syncro for the voices in 100 languages is easy. Second filming real life on a set is costly. Third even cartoons are costly to make. Cheapest way? A low resolution silhouette! It was embarrassing.Next thing they will have us close our eyes and imagine the demo in our heads!

    The bible reading was just as boring. The brother doing the reading could barely read. I think he was one of those people who didn't finish school. It was that bad.

    Skip the boring as hell "book study" and move on to the best part, the new song! Now I heard a few seconds of it before on YouTube but this time I really got to hear it in full. It is as if Jurassic Park and an airport calypso band made a song together! It was embarrassing but so funny I almost peed myself laughing so hard. I was in tears. I am still laughing because like a bad commercial jingle that gets stuck in your head I hear it all day long now and then the mental picture of the dancing!

    This hall is very mixed, many black and spanish and they were all kind of dancing to the beat! I am not kidding. I was like WTF is going on? I got to glance around and the attendant in the back was watching them as well and he was laughing with another brother. One elder was not laughing and it looked like he was planning the next local needs part in his head, "No dancing to Kingdom Song 143" It was a circus. I was thinking the JDub cult is moving towards mainstream now as a ploy to appeal to other people.

    I always found the black halls to be more "warm" and joyful than the all white ones which are more serious but this reminded me of one of those baptist churches where they all get up and start dancing and singing and praising Jesus! Next thing we will know is hand clapping and live music! Seriously not what I was expecting, but very funny in a comical way. NE ways I just had to tell you guys about my experience. I thought it was so funny. I hope they make more funny music like this!

  • Darkknight757

    Sucks we have our circuit assembly this week so no meeting. Was really wanting to see how bad things would get with the videos and the funny song at the end.

    This is probably the only meeting in recent months that I actually WANTED to go to.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Nice post. I'm almost tempted to join my wife for the meeting tonight

  • macys
    darkknight I also saw at least 3 other inactive/df people there that I knew from years ago and the hall was packed so I guess everyone did go. To see the show!
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    That song was literally the worst thing I ever heard. Several people were making fun of it, even the chairman made fun of it after they played it first with no singing.
  • mrquik
    OK I have to ask; what does C.L.A.M. stand for? (Other than Can't Listen Another Minute)
  • Diogenesister
    @mrquik it stands for "our Christian Life And Ministry" - the new look week day meeting, tut tut you are obviously being mrslow (to the meetings) uhghh terrible jke!
  • Magnum

    mrquik, "CLAM" is, I think, "Christian Life and Ministry". It's the name given to the new midweek meeting format. No more Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting.

    edit: Sorry for the redundancy, hadn't seen Diogenesister's post when I posted the above.

  • Saintbertholdt
    It is as if Jurassic Park and an airport calypso band made a song together! It was embarrassing but so funny I almost peed myself laughing so hard.
  • mrquik
    Thanks guys.

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