I almost died laughing at the meeting last night. OMG WTF is going on? Have I been away this long?

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  • Tornintwo
    Funny post thank you! Still not tempted to go tho...4 months without meetings this week, not missing it!
  • The Hermit
    The Hermit

    Song 142 - Jurassic Park Calypso Remix


  • OneFingerSalute

    C razy

    L osers

    A nd

    M orons???

  • smiddy

    What`s with the large print ? songbooks ? I suppose bigger is better eh ?


  • pepperheart
    They need large print for the mature people, i wonder what the avarage age is in the borg
  • GrreatTeacher

    I hate that all the men are on the left and all the women are on the right in that video.

    But, I like the muscles bursting through the suitcoat of the guy in the front row, left end. :)

  • LV101

    Thanks, Hermit, for the song. Interesting and not as bad as I expected.

    Question: What is on the back of the conductor's shoe (heel)? Are those scuff marks and they're his old comfy shoes or he's just due a good shoe cleanup/polishing? It looks awful -- I'm not picking on him but I can't figure it out. I doubt his shoe is designed that way and his suit looks nice. He probably has no idea the back of his shoes look like he worked in drywall and plaster all day.

    That's a fashion no no -- your shoes make or break you according to the dress code.

  • The Hermit
    The Hermit

    Question: What is on the back of the conductor's shoe (heel)?

    Drywall dust, what else? With all the construction work they're known for...

  • AudeSapere

    macys wrote: Because doing the syncro for the voices in 100 languages is easy. Second filming real life on a set is costly. Third even cartoons are costly to make.

    A fourth reason could be: In the event that one of the 'actors' leaves the org and/or becomes an apostate, they don't have to re-edit the entire video with a new/substitute actor.

  • AudeSapere

    OOPS! I see that Marvin already made the same comment that I did. Sorry for the redundancy!

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