More cracks in the dam - WTS pleading for elders "in their early 20s"

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  • FFGhost

    I have another post here about how the WTS is reeling from COVID, as reflected in their abysmally catastrophic service report:

    Here's another rupture showing.

    In the latest "announcements and reminders" to elders, there is a paragraph with these sentences:

    It has been observed that in some congregations, few baptized brothers in their late teens and early 20’s are reaching out to serve as pioneers or ministerial servants. In some lands, relatively few young brothers are applying to attend the School for Kingdom Evangelizers, to serve at Bethel, or to assist in Kingdom Hall construction and maintenance. On the other hand, qualified younger brothers in some congregations have been held back simply because of their age.
    Therefore, the Governing Body requests that all bodies of elders worldwide give priority to helping younger brothers grow in their relationship with Jehovah and qualify for congregation responsibilities.
    Although relatively young in years, exceptional ministerial servants may already be viewed as spiritually older men and qualify as elders in their mid-, or even early, 20’s.


    Coming soon: You too can get marital advice, counsel on raising children, and direction concerning your lack of appreciation for spiritual matters from Joe Elderson, who has never kissed a girl, who was homeschooled since the age of 6, who is still living with his parents in the same house, heck, same bedroom he's always had, who still has acne breakouts and who was not yet born during the Clinton presidency.

    But hey! he's "exceptional", so it's all good.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Remember when they used to denigrate the 18 year old Mormons when they came knocking for having the audacity to call themselves elders?

    I do. Now they're stealing a page from their playbook.

    I wonder if they also trade stock tips with each other.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Still the old boys club in the way. Back when I did want to reach out i was plainly told to give up. They had the 5 buddies and didn't want or need any more.

    I can see the next one here, young, good looking, no interest in girls, good speaker.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Wow, I was 30 when appointed and that seemed kinda too young.

    But capturing a 20-something guy with more responsibility just might make him feel handcuffed to the organization.

  • asp59

    Wow really weird. They are truly desperate. In ways i can understand this one. If they go online and have zoom meetings basically an elder is person that can turn on zoom and stuff. Younger people are better with apps. Let's see what happens. There were letter like this about elders helping the young to grow back in the 90s. A lot of them actually. Didn't go anywhere. Elders wouldn't let go off power. Bet you not much gonna change this time.

  • waton

    Elders are wt's attack dogs, no real life experience required.

  • slimboyfat

    Calling the service report abysmally catastrophic is a bit of a stretch.

    Promoting early baptism and ongoing commitment from young adults seems like a good strategy for boosting numbers. Better than their advice against having children which must count as a monumentally counterproductive strategy for any religion hoping to grow.

  • asp59

    Bet they gonna say this 20 year olds read there bible everyday and are very spiritual 🙂. Next thing for org is baptise babies. Think its on the way. Im happie i became inactive and stop going to meetings.

  • btlc

    and the Son of God hasn't been even baptized till his 30...

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    In the latest "announcements and reminders" to elders, there is a paragraph with these sentences:

    Do we have a link for this? Atlantis usually posts them each Month.


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