Stats just out: JWs in Wales decline (-3.4%) - COs primed for zero baptisms!

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  • atomant

    and then the publisher said to the elder you can blow it out ya bum pipe.

  • lurkernomore

    My mother just came back from the Cardiff assembly, she went for a day the 1st week and 2 days the second week.

    I was amazed when she said there were around 3500 the first week and around 4000 the second (including the Welsh congregations).

    Just 4 years ago when we went to our last ever assembly the total was more like 10000. That's a 25% decrease over 4 years.

    Not sure what the baptism numbers were though.

  • Prefect

    A lot of North Wales congregations are assigned to the Liverpool Assembly.

    That could be why the numbers are less in Cardiff.

  • dozy

    I was interested to see that 300 attended the Welsh language meeting. Assuming the vast majority of these are JWs and all of them speak English , at a time when the Society are always pleading poverty , asking for money and encouraging kids to donate their ice cream money. it does seem bizarre that the Society felt it a sensible thing to do to purchase a million pound house in Bangor to house the Welsh translators.

  • snugglebunny

    There are some nice things that come out of Wales!

  • lurkernomore

    The last two weekends was for the South Wales circuits so not relevant to North Wales figures.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    quote Beth Sarim

    "The guy giving the baptismal talk can mention the ''continuing symbolic increase''. He can then ''sell'' it by saying although we can't ''see'' the increase, it doesn't mean it isn't happening, the increase."

    so--its an invisible increase !

  • tiki

    Ahhh...the little one will become a thousand.......what happened?

  • Incognito
    she went for a day the 1st week and 2 days the second week.
    she said there were around 3500 the first week and around 4000 the second - lurkernomore

    In times past, WT demanded all JWs to attend where and when they were assigned. Now, JWs often break-up their attendance over multiple weekends. I haven't heard WT complaining of this as the same JWs attending on multiple weekends only seems to artificially inflate the numbers attending each convention.

    As so few are now being baptised, perhaps WT will assign a number of current JWs who were baptised pre 1980s to become re-baptised. Prior to mid 1980s, those baptised agreed to different questions during the baptism talk, so by being re-baptised, all current JWs will have commited to the same questions. By assigning only a few each convention, the number visibly baptised can be extended over multiple conventions.

    Perhaps WT will only provide opportunity for baptism 1X per year. They could then save-up baptism candidates from special assembly days to make the number being baptised at the RC appear larger.

  • freddo

    Just another note that will falsely inflate the "Wales attendances" and in fairness has done at Cardiff for decades.

    Cardiff also gets cities and town's from England assigned to it - such as the Avon circuit (whatever it is called now) which has about 18-20 congregations and includes the city of Bristol and towns such as Weston-super-Mare and Clevedon.

    This adds in about 1200-1500 attendees.

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