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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I love it!! the brother started by saying we know our donations don't go to the local brothers -- you don't see us wearing gold rings, fancy jewelry (watches?) wonder if he notices who does?

    same old video

    letter: "your donations were used AMONG OTHER THINGS.........." "hardships", storms, fire, inflation

    Bet the great 8 aren't missing any meals


    Mark SandwichTON could skip a few meals and hit the fitness center at HQ...


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I hear many JWs do not like to hear this constant begging for money. They are boiling inside.

    My husband befriended someone on Facebook, and they told us of a place in U.S. that had saved for an Assembly Hall, had sold an Assemby Hall, and were told by the WT "Just give us all your money from selling it, give us all the money in your bank account and when we think you need one, we'll let you know, and then you can pay us forever and ever.... but you won't have a mortgage, isn't that great?".

    This person is still "in", but was pretty mad when expressing themself 'they voted on it (while listening in on the phone) and is saying to themselves "no, no, no, and these people are f'n zombies and they do whatever they are told to do". ..

    This is an older person. They see the "deadness", they swear! They are still in, but want out, they just can't believe what their eyes are seeing or ears are hearing!

  • Diogenesister

    Can anyone of you on this board honestly say you knew anyone in need, in a tight spot, sick or in poverty who was helped out by the Watchtower society??


    The " among other things" seems to mainly consist of luxury compounds and first class travel for your leaders.

  • zeb


    Not a single one.

  • truth_b_known

    Since 1991 when the WBTS went to the voluntary contribution model for its literature we have seen numerous cut back and cost saving measures take place. Yet, it seems the coffers of the WBTS can never be satisfied. You would think the WBTS would produce their NWT Bible and 1 study book which is only updated with "New Light".

    Instead there is a constant production of new literature and periodicals featuring centuries worth of redundant information. Why? ITS A BUSINESS PRETENDING TO BE A RELIGION.

  • sparky1

    "Yet, it seems the coffers of the WBTS can never be satisfied." - truth_b_known

    "The leeches have two daughters that cry, "Give! Give!" " -Proverbs 30:15 RNWT

    Apparently, if we apply the old Freddy Franz 'types and antitypes', the Watchtower Society was prefigured in the Old Testament .

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Hi Dioge.....

    There is no end of experiences I can share with you where "brothers and sisiters" few chosen ones did actually help out, assist, come to the aid.but the WBTS never.

    my own dad the only employed member in the family (i was only 8 and the youngest), mum a housewife. Dad had an accident, was bed ridden for a year. no money comig in, mum did all sorts of handicrafts work from home to bring in whatever she could...knitting, bead work, sewing, painting on fabrics, giving tuitions (she is a very skilled person which saved the day for our family).As you can imagine even this was not regular definite income. Us kids did what we could and that was to make paper bags out of recycled paper( every 100 we made we received 20 pence ) we did this so we could help out and bring in something.Desperate times desperate measures. Never regret those days coz it taught me a lot about discipline and frugalism.

    there was a congregation 7 minutes walking distance from us and most of the people lived near us. Yet no one ever came to see us,ask how we were at all. The only help and kindness we received was from an elder and his wife who were from a distant congregation ie 1and 1/2 hours away from us who would once a month come ,see us and quietly sneak in a big bag full of groceries and other food items without our knowing. They knew what we were going through because they saw it first hand (we never complained or moaned about the hard times to anyone,this is how I have been brought up). Now as an adult when I think about things I know that my parents helped almost all those people in the congregation near us in their time of dire need, yet no one could be even bothered to come see us just to encourage us or keep our spirits high. Dad went into depression due to this.This is what hurts the most. Time to have awakened, yet we all saw past that and let love cover over their imperfections

    None of the WBTS even bothered about us in any way. I can safely say that they did not even know about htis situation , nor are they interested in knowing.

    Sorry for this rant.First time writing and sharing.English is not my first language so apologize for mistakes.Thank you for reading.

    God bless.

  • WTWizard

    That thing deserves nothing. And neither do those at the top deserve anything. And that is what they are getting from me. Nothing.

  • sparky1

    Hi, ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara. Welcome to the forum. I hope to read more postings from you here.

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