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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    letter: "your donations were used AMONG OTHER THINGS for.........."

    Maintaining a large WT legal team along with subcontracting a good portion of the defense workload to outside specialized legal professionals has got to be a very large dollar amount that 'Jehovah's' dedicated funds must be allocated for. The question I'd like an answer to is:

    How much of the 120,000 congregations' World Wide donations go toward maintaining on a monthly basis WTs Legal Department and all related costs?

    Could it be as much as $100/month ($100 X 120,000 congregations = $12,000,000). Or half that...$50/month...$6,000,000. And that's just to keep WT's Legal Department's doors open...not including the vast settlements!

    Oh, if WT were only more transparent on how donations are really spent!

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