Australian Jehovah's Witnesses are ignorant of the Australian Royal Commission

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  • jwleaks

    gerry - great choice of location. Love the backdrop. PRICELESS!!!

  • WingCommander

    OMG, that pic of the newspaper at that location is EPIC !!!!!!!! Share that on the ex-JW Reddit forum and everywhere else! Awesome! Awesome too, is the large, in-your-face BOLD print of that large headline! I bet JW's across Sydney are gasping in horror at such a sight. Only the most deluded and dumbest would be able to skip past it without reading it! Wow!!!!!

  • Vidiot

    steve2 - " will be time the RC expressly directs JW organization to reveal what it intends to do..."

    "What it intends to do"... is make promises that it will not keep.

    They don't have the spine to come right out and publicly say "no", because they know it'll make them look like complete assholes.

  • Vidiot

    WingCommander - "...Only the most deluded and dumbest would be able to skip past it without reading it!..."

    I often find myself wondering just how many active JWs fall into that category, these days. :smirk:

  • sparrowdown

    Well Australia is a big brown land with lots of people and I 'm sure we couldn't possibly speak for everyone. These kinds of things have a way of slowly dripping into public consciousness.

    You never know what's happening in the minds of people. To help things along I have printed out some key pages of the ARC report and have placed into the letterboxes in the street of the local KH. I have also supplied the local sexual abuse support centre with info because the CEO wanted to know more about the beliefs and practices of the JWs they see.

    I prefer to think of the glass being half full at this stage, nothing happens overnight.

  • stuckinarut2


    Hey stuckinarut2 I thought you had stopped going to the meetings. So how come the elders are still talking to you.

    Yup, don't go to meetings at all. But this was said by an elder to my father in law. He was told it as "a fact" that the ARC was full of praise for how the society acted.

    Blatant lies being spread in ignorance by elders....

  • stuckinarut2

    That picture is PRICELESS!

    Love it!

  • stuckinarut2
  • EternalPettingZoo

    What is odd to me is the absolute silence of the organization on this topic. My pioneer sister asked me if I knew anything about it a few weeks back. She was out in service and one of her calls asked what was happening in Australia with the royal commission. She had zero knowledge of it. I would think they would be trying to get their version to the r&f to prevent situations like my sister had at the door.

    My father in law (he's an elder) also had no knowledge of all this.

    I found it amusing that my sis would come to me to inquire about the happenings of her religion.

  • gerry


    the society does not want anyone talking about anything negative. At an elders school we were told not to respond to any accusations made against us in the press. The idea is if no one is talking it will be forgotten.

    also some in the congregations are fearful of saying anything in case they are labeled as doubters and therefore spiritually weak.

    Don't worry I have a still in elderly relative and I have said to them why don't you ask the elders about the Royal Commission. Their reply "your got to be kidding"!

    "I found it amusing that my sis would come to me to inquire about the happenings of her religion."

    maybe she does not want to visit apostate sites. and feels safe talking to you.. I think that is a positive.

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