Australian Jehovah's Witnesses are ignorant of the Australian Royal Commission

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  • stuckinarut2

    Many here have asked how the average witness in Australia is taking the news of the ARC findings and conclusions.

    Is it affecting them?

    Sorry to say, HARDLY any are even aware of the facts. Those that are, have been convinced that all the publicity is "apostate lies and satanic propaganda"

    The level of ignorance is simply outstanding!
    Sadly it seems that the society has done an OUTSTANDING job of distracting the "flock" from the realities taking place.

    But, as a great quote said: "Facts do not cease to exist just because they are ignored" (Aldous Huxley)

  • LevelThePlayingField

    After all the news articles through out the last year and the TV coverage, it's still all just lies? Then what about when the media says good things about JW's, then of course it must be the truth?

    But you know you are right, they are really brain washed and this is a really good example of it. So much for witnesses saying their eyes are open.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    The ones I have spoken to have put a positive spin on the findings in the sense that it has and will adjust procedures going forward.

    They see these changes as beneficial for victims and the org.

    My reply to them was that I was puzzled that it took a worldly commission to invoke 'adjustments' within gods spirit directed organisation.

  • Landy

    Of course they are. I don't know why you're surprised. You can convince anybody of anything if they want to believe it.

  • OrphanCrow

    Here are some comments that I stole from reddit about the Australian JWs responses to the ARC:

    "I kid you not.. Just speaking to a worldly friend of mine here in Australia. His boss is a witness.

    Anyway told my mate about the ARC report just released.

    He then tells me his boss took him for coffee a few months ago. The JW elder then says to my mate I suppose you have heard about the ARC. Well I want to let you know the JW's are in the clear.

    He went on to say the ARC were so impressed with the witnesses that they want other institutions to adopt their procedures.

    Yep he said we got a big wrap from the ARC."

    "The elders where i live in Australia told rank and file who asked about the Royal Commission into child abuse that " it had been dealt with and Jehovah's Witnesses got a good report"

    This was about September 2015. ..before any final findings had been handed down by The Royal Commission."

    "Some of my JW acquaintances said it never happened. That it's all a elaborate ruse put out by apostates. Including the website of the ARC."

    LTPF: Then what about when the media says good things about JW's, then of course it must be the truth?

    Of course it is. Those news pieces are just fluff. The Watchtower has been doing press releases for decades. It is their favorite way to get into newspapers.

    My dad used to be the one who would take the Watchtower's "news" article about the circuit assembly that had arrived in the mail from 'the society', make a few small changes to it (so it wasn't exactly the same as all the other assembly "news" items that the JWs would release about their assembly) and then set up a meeting with the newspaper to give them his "press release" and talk to the editor. The article always ran exactly as my dad had submitted it.

    Of course those "good" pieces are the truth - they come from The Truth, after all.

  • smiddy

    How do they explain away G.Jacksons appearance at the ARC on video.

  • steve2

    Hardly surprising that JWs don't appear to know. Notice the phrase, Don't appear to know.

    Thank goodness outcomes from the Royal Commission Report are not contingent on the rank and file knowing about its existence.

    The full report is directed to the top - the head honchos. They are being held accountable.

    It really matters not that the rank and file seem to be in ignorance - for now. Besides I think more know than are letting on. If you were an active JW and knew, would you let on? 😇

  • stuckinarut2

    Smiddy, none of them will allow themselves to watch such "apostate" footage...

  • zeb

    Joeyjojo. well said; "They see these changes as beneficial for victims and the org."

    • Has the wts made firm changes(!) to procedure and apologised to the victims?
    • Are they going to seek to create a sound credible education system for elders in accords with this society's expectations for such an office?
    • Is the wt going to front up to the commission and the federal govt offering to compensate the victims?
    • and if these changes were necessary then agree that the organisation that has allowed such abominations of abuse to go on for years is not and never was directed by the holy spirit.

    and orphan crow; well done. You quoted someone who claimed the jw got a big wrap up from the ARC. Well this is atypical of the third hand info that jw run on. At best this is wishful thinking espoused by some one who had a lip slip and admitted to watching some of the ARC but had to cover them selves; and for others hearing this believe because the statement came from bro/sis it must be true and is broadcast as such. Conversely it has been manufactured for dispersal at a high level. I have heard a score of rumours from jw down the years and no jw at any level seeks clarification by going to the actual source.

    This ghastly episode has caused me considerable illness but I walk away with my honour intact and some contentment that I have been of use to the commission and some victims of the wts.

    For those jw who will not check the truth of this matter so easy today with the computer access but quote the orgs tv performers with their "apostate lies" scenario then they will live lives in abuse of the Christ and liable for the outrage of the world when it comes onto the watchtower society.

    It is well enough to read here and comment here of what we have seen from the ARC but please go to the ARC site and print for yourselves a full copy of the report as handed down. This is not over yet. It is vital to have the truth as stated available for when the great disinformation campaign begins, and it surely will.

    Peace to you all.

  • stavro

    Even if the average jw doesn't want to know, It is just as important that the public are aware, as they are potential future converts. You are not afraid to verify information before becoming a jw, only after do you become afraid.

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