Sisters as Ministerial Servants?

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  • Spoletta

    My wife has been trying to convince me that the Organization is hinting at the possibility of making some older sisters ministerial servants. She is awake to a lot of the false doctrines, but is still clinging to the hope that the Org may become more progressive in the future. Anyone else pick up on this?

  • sir82

    Would never happen with the current GB,

    And since the GB "helpers", AKA "the triple-A team", are all picked by the current GB based exclusively on how well they suck up to the current GB, it's hard to imagine any change like you describe before many many decades have passed, if ever.

  • pale.emperor

    You never know though, more people are waking up and few young ones are joining. In my last cong my wife stood in for sound desk because non of the brothers present knew how to use it. She sat there with a tea towel on her head like a f***ing idiot. How degrading. Meanwhile I was giving a talk trying not to laugh.

  • Londo111

    I could see this happening, especially the pool of available males becomes smaller and smaller. Need to carry the workload would necessitate change.

    Even with the Watchtower interpretation of Scripture, I don't see why women cannot carry mikes, hand of literature, do territories, or accounts, or any number of task that do not require speaking from the platform.

  • sir82

    She sat there with a tea towel on her head like a f***ing idiot.

    Seriously? At the sound desk?

    I thought the "head covering" schtick was only when <gag> f-f-f-f-females were engaged in "teaching".

    LOL. I love it.

    If you were still going to the KH, imagine the ruckus you could stir up if you said you were "stumbled" because you saw a "sister" was driving in field service, with a male in the car, and her head was not covered.

  • darkspilver

    I thought the "head covering" schtick was only when <gag> f-f-f-f-females were engaged in "teaching".

    Weird - maybe she was teaching the brothers to use the sound desk? haha

  • Spiral

    I heard of a time that sisters were allowed to hand out new publications at an assembly..... but under the "guidance" of a brother. (Seriously, what possible guidance could be needed?)

    However...... I do hear some dissatisfaction from some sisters. Let's face it, you can run your own company, your household, hold a good job, and yet at the KH you are treated like a child. But you better go out in service several hours a month.

    This situation probably does cause another effect, that of less and less young sisters becoming JWs, at least in places like the US. ALSO - some sisters are getting really tired getting stuck in unhappy marriages. I have been hearing this complaint from time to time.

    And the wearing of a tea towel or other item on your head is just a joke, lots of sisters think so.

    So, would they throw the sisters a little "treat" (UGH) to keep them happy? IDK......

    Won't be me, in any case.

  • sparrowdown

    If sisters (ugh!) were "allowed" to become Mini Servants (Elder's bitches) their male counterparts would likely feel all threatened and insecure and need a waaambulance (male ego and all ) because let's face it must really suck to be the BOE's bitch you're not an elder yet but not a mere publisher either and competition in the form of busybody sisters and elderettes would not be appreciated I imagine.

  • Finkelstein

    The JWs cult is structured upon big time misogyny, woman cant even hold a microphone for crying out loud. This particular cult tries to emulate the social behavior of the ancient Hebrews and their worshiping practices and teachings, woman weren't even allowed to speak inside their Temples according to the bible .

    Woman are to be subjective to men when present of men who were always chosen as High Priests.

  • steve2

    Sparrowdown makes a very important point: Male egos in patriarchal organizations can be huge impediments to change.

    That said, necessity often forces change. In Japan, for example, I heard that, with more than 80% of JWs being female, sisters have been assigned such tasks as taking the group before field service, including the prayer (but wearing a head covering).

    Regarding microphone duty, though, I suspect that the elders (and ministerial servants) would ensure that even an unbaptized male child does it before a sister ever would.

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