Do you still want to be identified as a Christian?

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  • Phizzy

    I don't like appending labels to myself, as people assume so much from the label, or lack of one.

    If I say I am not a Christian, people assume I don't uphold what they might call "Christian Values", well I do believe in living by the Golden Rule, but little else that is found in the morally lacking 1st Century N.T. I am not Anti-gay, not pro Slavery etc etc.

    If I say I am an Atheist, people assume all sorts, but all I mean by that is that I do not have a god.

    I wish to be identified as a rational thinking Humanist.

  • humbled

    l ever maintain that the words of Jesus saved my life but l say that doctrines kill. So l do not identify as a Christian.

    Since l don’t know or care if there is proof of a Jesus , care still less if he was Christ the Savior l can hardly qualify as a Christian.

    If there is a bread of his to eat then l can eat it or not. That it helped me is good enough and l am not ashamed to say l needed it.

    That is not the Christian message l ever heard in a church.

    edit: so specific to the question: l do not want to be identified as Christian anymore in spite of what l said above. I have found Christianity’s gate is too narrow .( And yes l know Jesus is supposed to have said something about that is the road to life is narrow but.. .. in my world l would have to talk about that.)

  • redvip2000
    “Atheist churches,” have been formed across the country, aiming to “offer some features of a religious congregation (fellowship, collective enjoyment, a stimulus to moral behavior).” These congregations meet on Sundays and some “include ‘Sunday School’, where children go while parents attend ‘services.’”

    So stupid to call it "church". why not call it community center, or social club, which is what it really is.

    Calling it church just feeds to the already confused people who say that atheism is a religion, or that atheist are dogmatic about their "faith".

  • slimboyfat

    I guess I could pass for a panpsychist Unitarian Universalist Christian with Jehovah’s Witness, poststructuralist and deconstructive tendencies, throw in pacifist and sovereigntist leanings, sometimes misunderstood, I guess, I try my best.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I identify with Christ my Lord and my God

    But even though my Dad identified with the Witnesses for 5 years, I never did.

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