Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Baker Who Refused to Bake Cake for Gay Couple

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  • Jehalapeno
    The cake retailers are there to make a cake for various situations for the general public as a public service.

    A custom cake doesn't qualify as a retail cake. Just as a mural artist can legally decline a request to paint a gay pride mural.

    You can't force an artist to create something they don't agree with. Cake decorating is an art.

    Forcing a Christian baker to decorate a cake to support an event that goes against his religious beliefs would be tantamount to forcing a Muslim journalist to write an article in support of atheism.

  • Hisclarkness

    Simon, you’re right. And that’s why he won the case. And that’s why the court said future cases might be different

  • sparrowdown

    I saw people protesting the outcome of this case with signs that said human rights had been violated. I'd just like to know when a fancy probably expensive bespoke cake became a human right.

    You would be justified to argue it's a slippery slope ie today it's a cake tomorrow it's segregation...???

    Surely there are actual human rights violations happening right now that are far more urgent.

    And practically speaking how do you force someone to make you a cake they don't want to make. This is such a bizarre discussion when you think about it - it's cake.

  • redvip2000
    You can't force an artist to create something they don't agree with. Cake decorating is an art.

    Not sure it's art, but I don't disagree with the point, once you see if from that perspective. Once you see this from the lens that they were not refused a cake, but only a particular message on the cake, then there is some weight to that argument.

    I'm willing to concede the point that they were not discriminated on the basis that they are gay, but the specific design on the cake. If a straight person had ordered the cake with that same message, they would have refused the same way.

  • Finkelstein

    I think the cake shop owner should have made the cake but said he would not decorate it with writing based upon his religious beliefs regarding same sex marriages.

    I'm starting to see the other side of the debate though .

    It just curdles my girdle when someone refuses to make a cake, its inhumane and cruel.

    I guess that's why you never see a JWS own a cake shop

  • _Morpheus

    THEY DID OFFER TO MAKE OR SELL ANY GENERIC CAKE THEY WANTED!!!!!!! How many damn times do we have to explain that part?


    and if you cant understand the difference between the police and a baker then perhaps you shouldn't be allowed on the internet

  • freemindfade
    It just curdles are girdle when someone refuses to make a cake, its inhumane and cruel.

    I think it's so stupid too 1. as a normal human being who is not a bigot, and 2. as a business owner. It makes no sense to me. Make the GD cake, take the money, and spend it with your Jesus loving family! I still believe though that most people are open-minded and changing the way they think. These people will be relics soon.

    My 2 yo daughter is actually going to be the flower girl in a gay wedding this November and I have to give a speech, ironically, they are not having a cake lol!

  • Hisclarkness


    its not about events. The government doesn’t recognize events. They recognize services. If you offer a service, you have to offer a service to all.


    offering a generic cake doesn’t solve the issue if you offer custom cakes as a service and the gay couple wants a custom cake. That’s basically a separate but equal argument.

  • _Morpheus

    Ok im done with this. The shark has been jumped

  • JeffT

    Let's consider a hypothetical going the other direction.

    A couple who belong to the Church of the Holy Hooded White Guys go to an African-American baker and try to order a wedding cake with a burning cross on it. Can the government compel him to do so because he offers cakes of all sorts to the public?

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