Df brother in shock I spoke to him at kh

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  • poopie
    Just because org decides to be unloveing does. Not mean I have to be unloveing.
  • Vidiot

    I always did this.

    Followed my (nonetheless loyal JW) Dad's example.

    Nobody ever gave me shit for it, either.

  • Divergent
    This is the first time I've seen poopie say so much in a single thread =)
  • nevaagain

    when I was little like 7 years old there was a disassociated person in our hall but for a reason she came early. Anyway i greeted her like I would greet anyone. I remember my parents telling me not to do that and in fact dont even speak to her, because she was disassociated. Even after my parents councel, I still made a point everytime to greet and talk to her because I guess I didnt want to treat her any different.

  • talesin
    • Good question who are they supposed to talk to? Worldly people? It is evil.
    • They will have to wait longer if the elders find out they are associating with "worldlies". They are supposed to have NO friends, NO life. It's like being in the cult, only when you are not DF you pretend to be HAPPY, you have PHONY friends, and they all have plastic smiles, too.
    • The DF person is to come in at the last moment, and feel SHAMED. It's all about the shaming.

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