Df brother in shock I spoke to him at kh

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  • poopie

    I was vis it in a kh last night and I just thought I try something new. When amen was said I bolted out hall low and behold there was anot her poor soul just ahead of me so since he did not know me but I knew he was df I said a greeting to him he seemed greatabsolutely shocked and horrified thst I was speaking to him he acknowledged my greeting and scurried off in t I the night it was a great moment for humankind.

  • AudeSapere

    I love that you broke the 'rules' to reach out to this isolated person.

    Just a reminder, though, to you and others who think to emulate... Especially in the KH setting, it might set the person back on their reinstatement process if they do not quickly get away from you.

  • flipper

    Good for you in being kind and showing true human empathy to him. Two thumbs up. However isn't it so sad that the reason he scurried off from your greeting is because he is in FEAR of anyone seeing him shirking his so-called " discipline " in case the elders hear about it and get pissed off at him and not reinstate him ? It shows truly that the JW organization is built on fear and guilt. Oh- And two more things money and greed

  • poopie
    How bout this rule do not be owing anything except To love one another. What about this against such things there is no law I like that rule.
  • NeverKnew

    Disfellowshipped people can't talk to disfellowshipped people?

  • poopie
    I was careful not to help the man in front of the pharisees that would have expelled him again from the synagogue. By the way I do this all the time because I travel a lot Iand I do whatever I want when I want I'm not subject to local men I'm like a destroyer passing in the night leaving no evidence Its really fun try it sometime.
  • poopie
    Intresting the man expelled from the synagogue was visited by JESUS HIMSELF so much for stupid rules.
  • poopie
    If Jesus was here would he not do a much if not more. JESUS himself was df from org yet he spoke to people even when he was dying.
  • nicolaou
    Poopie, isn't Jesus going to separate the sheep from the goats? What exactly does he have planned for goats like me anyway?
  • slimboyfat
    Yes disfellowshipped people are not allowed to talk to disfellowshipped people that's a rule in the elders book. The brass neck of telling people you've expelled that they can't even talk to each other.

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