Do you believe in a Rapture that the Churches teach instead of living on earth forever

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  • peacefulpete

    I should add that within Luke itself the story can be understood as consistent if we forget what other Gospels and Acts read. Jesus could be made to say the man would be in Paradise that day and Jesus did die and see him in the paradise section of heaven that day. After a couple days Jesus is seen walking around with a risen body and then that same day return to heaven. It really is fairly straightforward until the other versions of the story create complications.

  • punkofnice
    Alex Williams - I know its hard to believe in a book claimed to be from a supreme Deity but is it hard to believe what is found in the earth as proof of what that book says? Lets take a look at what has been UN-earthed. The Pool of Siloam

    With respect. My problem with this is, that by this logic, Spider-man exists because New York, where he lives, is real.

    Sherlock Holmes was real because Baker Street exists today.

    Even granted that the pool existed and Pontius was a pilot (that's British humour). It doesn't get us to a divine Jesus. Even granting a Jesus existed (which I'm not so sure about), it doesn't get us to divinity.

    Sorry. Not convinced by places existing.

  • peacefulpete

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