Thoughts on African Americans and Slavery

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  • TheWonderofYou

    "Who then is the faithful and wise slave, whom his master has put in charge of his household, to give the other slaves their allowance of food at the proper time? Blessed is that slave whom his master will find at work when he arrives." -- Matthew 24:45-46.

    Christianity and Slavery

  • Simon
    A different issue is bringing up a slavery as a way to excuse accountability, and that is why people will sometimes say "get over it". As an example, just the other day when news broke of those black youngsters who abused the mentally disabled teen, the reaction from black leaders asked to comment was the typicall: "well this is certainly bad, but yadda yadda yadda, slavery slavery, yadda yadda yadda. I agree that the US was built on the back of slaves, perhaps it's time now to stop riding on their backs.

    There is a lot to that. The term "African American" was apparently coined to be a constant reminder of the history and slavery and I don't think it helps people (other than politicians to take advantage of).

    To be blunt - lots of groups have been disadvantaged and lots of people start with nothing. The things that happened 50, 100, 200 years ago were awful, but they happened years ago, to other people, not to the people often complaining about their lot in life as though they have personally escaped slavery 5 minutes ago.

    Too often it is an excuse for lack of personal endeavor and responsibility. The idea that white male privilege is responsible for your life is laughable. There are lots of people who do well of all colors.

    It's all about outlook and taking advantage of opportunity. The disadvantage many black people have is being born into a society that conditions them to expect to be disadvantaged and not to accept people trying to help (e.g. education).

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I think slavery is also one of the reasons why athletics is dominated by people of African descent in the Americas. Only the fittest slaves were able to survive the journey across the Atlantic. But even before the journey started, the kidnapped slaves were examined physically and any showing undesirable traits were rejected. Then after they came to the Americas, many slave owners engaged in selective breeding practices, having fittest men impregnate the fittest women to ensure they get good strong slaves. So the whole process of slavery served to weed out weaker genes and proliferate those that ensured greater strength and stamina. So this, I believe, is the reason why most of the successful athletes in the sprints are descendants of slaves living in the Americas.

  • Simon

    Africa kept all the middle-distance runners (what they dominate).

    White people? Dominate in, erm ... show-jumping?

  • rebel8
  • Lostandfound


    Has Canada had a different history concerning slavery, and is there real equality, regardless of colour, now?

  • Simon

    There was minimal slavery in Canada although some did exist (often by first nations). It was the destination for most runaway slaves through what was called "te underground railroad". Being a British colony, it adapted the British abolitionism much sooner than the independent US.

    Is there real equality? There is equality under the law which is the only equality that can be legislated unless the government gets into policing thought-crimes.

    Actually, there isn't always equality - Native Americans often have additional rights and privileges that other people don't have.

    On the whole though, we don't seem to have the race issues to quite the extent that the US does although there are BLM protesters who want to try and make some.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    although there are BLM protesters who want to try and make some - really?!

    Some people ...

    Canada is one of the nicest, best-run, most forward-looking countries in the world.

    It was a good question that Lostandfound asked.

    I would have thought there would have been minimal slavery featuring African slaves in Canada.

    As you said, Canada was a British colony, like Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.

  • Saename

    I also live in Canada, so I can comment on that as well.

    In the city I live (the capital—Ottawa), there doesn't seem to be any race issues. As far as I have seen, black people are treated the same. There may be some unnecessary sensitivity towards racism, which once or twice has gotten me into trouble simply because I was misunderstood, but overall, it's all good as far as I can see.

    However, as Simon has already mentioned, there is another type of racism here. Native Americans have additional rights and privileges. I've never complained about that, but in reality, I think it'd be much better if the privileges they get (such as post-secondary education funding) went to people who actually need them because of their financial situation, not because of their race.

    Edit: When it comes to BLM, yeah, we don't have that. Not like the US. But some people are trying to start a fire for whatever reason...

  • Truth vs Belief
    Truth vs Belief

    Excuse me...your post offended me, if you care whether or not you offend people or not. I wanted you to know I AM offended by your interpretation of my experience. comparing indentured servitude to chattel slavery and not really caring about the difference...

    I come on this site often to get updates see what's going on, cause I have family involved with this jw stuff so I love seeing what they will be told to think next and try to find counters when possible. I also learn a lot about a lot on this site...I have to say this site insight on certain matters change my life in terms of certain things I was truly shallow about...just life stuff and some of the more intellectual posts...So thanks!

    So no matter what, my purpose is not to hurt anyone or be mean spirited, just self-expression...I have noticed a tendency among the white collective to get a different feedback to blacks talking about their historical experience like usually blame or minimize our experience or all out deny the jehovah witnesses do you guys blame minmize or deny that's a minute portion black injustices....

    Indentured servitude allowed you to purchase your freedom...then as usual in the black experience you constantly see ways to downplay the horrific crime committed against human beings because their skin is melanin blessed with high pigments making it more durable to the sun and because their hair defies the laws of gravity....

    Every other race of people are taught their history, why? It's not hidden stolen or denied...yet the oldest richest history is lost stolen and hidden...and most ignorant of the white collective rebuttals I've heard is you have no history...laughable...

    So white folks get to tell all the worlds history while just recently coming out of the dark you emerge on the scene out of darkness...while the rest of the world is flourishing and suddenly have all the answers and know everyone's story?

    So you stated "One of the worst things imaginable, what's worst? You also stated the media, movie industry, and news create racial tensions ect. Have you also ever noticed how they use the same tools to imply that a black land with black roots and history and historically all black people...becomes white when it comes to the greatness associated...

    How do the white collective interpret everybody history, take others things, as their's, tell people how they should feel about it and when they should get over it? Just with no feeling saying maybe 11 million 12 million ect were big deal after all they were the ones with the darker skin and that hair that defies big deal they were once declare three fifths man...and we did once use their babies for gatorbait...cut off black men gentiles and took them home as souvenirs...Oh yeah we use to cut open pregnant black women stomachs and squash the babies head...

    Oh, did I mention that black women had to breast feed the white babies while their babies cry now the white collective in order to sooth their souls of this blood guilty horrific nightmare...gonna pretend that they underwent the harsh, brutal, painful experience similar to colored folks huh? That's the new tactics?

    So white people have went through the consistent or similar experiences as chattel slavery, Jim Crow, Klu Klux Klan terrorism, not being able to sit in front of a bus or go in certain stores or venues?

    Black being hung in public on a tree for all to cheer even young children cheering the strangulation of a black man or the mutilation of a black man or burning of a black man because it's no big deal...same attitude you seem to display when stating 10 of millions of black bodies....

    I would like to know how did Jesus suffer more than the black man and constantly non stop why does the media make movies that constantly project blacks in negative views...huh? it's called social engineering...and allow the music industry to make music now called rap...stemming from hip hop..when hip hop was prevalent it was deemed a threat in the 80's... now the music is no doubt a total destruction for the black community...yet it's now accepted by white America?

    So why you think a dumb black people who were suppose prohibited from reading and why hold a people down that is already down? When you see how the whites were treated by every other culture and how it was always about sharing when you take the time to read some of the sailors diaries, journals you will discover the Africans Indigenous people of America and many more were kind and giving...the white man coming out of the dark ages lost his mind and wanted everything wanted to own everything and everybody...wanted a monopoly on his interpretation of history and edited his version and here we are...

    Lastly the missing pieces of African history is the missing pieces of world history and when you truly begin to look for truth look no further than that persecuted people the black man woman and child...

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